Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello, Swim. Nice to see you again!

Finally! After a three week hiatus, I returned to the pool in triumphant fashion.  It was hands-down the best swim I have had in the pool in a few months.  Maybe I need to skip swimming more often!  Oh wait, that's not the goal.  Regardless, the stars really aligned for me yesterday and I actually enjoyed myself.  That's really saying something for a person that equates swimming to torture 99% of the time.  I went the long swim route this time around since I had been doing sprints during the last few swim sessions.  Turns out that was a great idea.  I ended up logging a 200 meter warm-up, followed by a 1500 meter main set.  It's refreshing to know I haven't lost much with my swim layoff and can still go out and throw in an Oly triathlon swim when needed.  I am satisfied.

The rest of the week has been pretty uneventful.  I have been a good boy and not skipped any workouts and feel really good about the quality of my training this week.  Wednesday I logged my longest bike ride to date, a whole 51.75 miles, out at Lake Hefner.  While Hefner isn't the ideal place to do a long ride, it sufficed and the thunderstorms to the west of OKC really helped cool the air as they blocked the blazing July sun.  I was even treated to a nice, cool wind coming out of the storms as the sun was going down.  It really made me ready for Oct/Nov when the cool, fall breezes start blowing.  I can't wait for cooler weather.

Today was my turn with Team-in-Training, so I went out and helped our group of ladies get in their long run for the week.  Lake Hefner was packed with training groups and everyday athletes getting in their workouts before the 100+ degree heat settled in for the day.  It's always great seeing the trails packed with people being active.  It makes me smile every time.  After coaching, I hopped on my bike for an easy cross-training ride before my long run tomorrow.  Due to the heat, I will once again be waking up at 430 AM to squeeze in my run when it's only 80.  Ugh.  I hate the summer heat.  Training during the summer really jacks up your schedule.  Our 7-day forecast calls for 100+ degrees every day with lows in the high 70s and low 80s.  Heat indices are supposed to be 110+ as well.  I know all of you Texas folks understand my pain.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Chicago : Corral D

Last week I decided to finally send in my OKC Memorial half marathon time to the Chicago committee.  I had really gone back and forth with this decision because I am going to Chicago with a friend.  I wanted to make sure she was ok with me sending in my time for a seeded corral before I took the leap.  My reasoning behind the move was that my goal for the Chicago marathon has changed.  I initially had gone into Chicago preparation with a goal of breaking the 4-hour mark.  As training has progressed, I am continually modifying my goals and have decided I really want to "race" Chicago and see what I can do.  Chicago is my goal race this year.  I am hoping that the corral closer to the start will relieve some of the initial congestion and let me run my own race. 

The marathon is such a time-consuming and unforgiving event and you really only get one shot to get it right every 6 months or so when you are an amateur.  I don't have the running history or base to expect to run 2 great races a month apart.  I really want to focus my efforts on Chicago and not leave it up to chance at NYC.  NYC probably made more sense to try for a significant PR since I am going alone, but given it will be my 2nd marathon in less than a month, I really don't think I could get my body to cooperate.  Plus, after talking to several people, NYC is deceptively hilly.  No one runs fast in NYC, and everyone loves Chicago for it's flat, fast course.  It makes more sense to go for it in Chicago.  Thus my quest for a PR at Chicago takes an even more serious tone.  What's my goal?  I haven't completely narrowed it down, but I will say it's a huge improvement from my Dallas White Rock days last December.  So many things can happen in 11 weeks so I reserve the right to keep my goal locked away until race day nears.  Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Just to give you an idea of where I will be starting, here are the qualifying standards for Chicago.  I qualified for Corral D based on my half marathon time at the OKC Memorial this April (1:49:16).

Start Corral ASecure starting area set directly behind the Elite Development Corral for all qualified participants. Qualifications for Start Corral A for 2010 are as follows:
  • Half Marathon time:          <1:25:59
  • Full Marathon time:           <3:10:59
  • Expected capacity:             1,500
  • Avg. time to cross Start:     0:42 (seconds)
Start Corral BSecure starting area set directly behind Start Corral A for all qualified participants. Qualifications for Start Corral B for 2010 are as follows:
  • Half Marathon time:           <1:35:59
  • Full Marathon time:            <3:35:59
  • Expected capacity:               3,000
  • Avg. time to cross Start:      1:58 (minutes)
Start Corral CSecure starting area set directly behind Start Corral B for all qualified participants. Qualifications for Start Corral C for 2010 are as follows:
  • Half Marathon time:            <1:45:59
  • Full Marathon time:             <3:55:59
  • Expected capacity:               4,000
  • Avg. time to cross Start:      4:11 (minutes)
Start Corral DSecure starting area set directly behind Start Corral C for all qualified participants. Qualifications for Start Corral D for 2010 are as follows:
  • Half Marathon time:            <1:50:59
  • Full Marathon time:             <4:00:59
  • Expected capacity:               4,000
  • Avg. time to cross Start:      6:31 (minutes)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

To run a half, or to not run a half? That is the question...

I am trying to determine whether or not I should run a half marathon between now and Chicago.  The fact that it is late July, the options are pretty limited locally.  Pretty much everything shuts down for 2 or 3 months during the summer and finding a race longer than a 10K is nearly impossible.  I have found one half marathon within a few hour drive and am contemplating giving it a whirl.  The name alone should probably scare me away, but again, my options are limited. 

The name of the race is The Hottest Half and it's in Dallas, Texas, on Sunday, August 15th.  The race is held on White Rock Lake which also served as part of the course for my first full marathon last December.  The thought of returning to Dallas to conjure up fond memories during my training is definitely a perk.  I think it would help give me the extra push I need to make it through the last half of my training plan.  The other side of me really can't even imagine running a half marathon in the summer heat.  I think it has the potential to really take a shot at my confidence when I can't muster the pace I need to hit my goal in Chicago.  The heat will definitely put a damper on a PR for sure.  I know every race doesn't need to be a PR, but when you are training for a significant PR in the marathon, you would hope your half marathon time would follow suit.  So, as of now I am undecided.  I can't really imagine that a race in the middle of August in Dallas would sell out so I have a couple of weeks to decide. One other downfall of this race is the fact I already have plans to travel the weekend prior to and after the race.  It would make 3 straight weekends of travel to Texas.  Travel = less rest.  Not sure it's a winning combination.

In other news, the weather today was much better for my run.  I hit the running path about 545 this morning and the temp was a manageable 75 with tons of humidity.  It was my first run in a while where I didn't have to refill my water bottle along the route.  I only went through one bottle and still had plenty left in the tank when I finished.  I am really happy with my progress lately and am hitting paces that should put me well on my way to a significant improvement in my marathon time.  The key is always staying healthy and staying hungry.  The motivation is there, now let's just hope the body cooperates.  This week is another step up the mileage ladder.  My long run will be 12 miles this weekend and I have a 55-mile bike ride on tap for Wednesday if I can fit it in before dark.  I need to shake up my bike route though.  Lake Stanley Draper is getting boring lately.  Hope everyone had a great weekend of training and racing.  I am off to bed before the sun sets once again.  430 AM catches up with you when you can't take naps. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Recovery : Athlete's HoneyMilk and Zoot Compression Socks

The first round of marathon training was very basic for me.  I was not up to speed on all of the recovery gear and drinks available on the market.  You could say that I was a rookie and I made several mistakes.  One of the mistakes was not fully utilizing the products available to properly recovery after my hard workouts.  I vowed to not make the same mistake this time around and have been testing out several products.  Two of my recent additions to my collection are Athlete's HoneyMilk and Zoot Compression Socks.

To me, Athlete's HoneyMilk (AHM) is the best tasting recovery drink I have found to date.  I have tried several different mixes and bottled drinks, but this blows everything else away.  I personally am a big fan of the Coffee Light flavor, but I have tried all flavors, except Acai', and have liked all of them.  I chose the light version of the drink to cut back on the calories during the early part of my training, but soon will be upgrading to the full-bodied version when my mileage gets excessive.  If you haven't tried this product yet, I highly recommend it and encourage you to give it a shot.  Shipping is free and they are currently doing a promotion where you can buy 1 case and get 1 free.  The coupon code is HONEYMILKNL1.  What is your favorite recovery drink?  I am always open to suggestions.  Chocolate milk is always a great, cheap substitute too.

I really had a hard time deciding what compression gear to go with so I went to my local running store, Red Coyote, to see what they carried.  Zoot was their preferred brand so I took the leap and purchased my first pair of compression socks.  Twenty miles into my first marathon, I had an awful time with my calf muscles.  It felt like someone had strapped bricks to the back of my legs.  I was constantly praying that they wouldn't cramp up and thankfully they held together long enough for me to cross the finish line in one piece.  I primarily bought the socks for recovery after my long runs and long rides, but as the weather turns cooler, I may even take them out for a run.  I couldn't imagine covering up another inch of my body in the current heat, but you could see me rocking knee highs when fall decides to greet us.  I have heard great things about CEP socks too, but they weren't carried locally so I opted for Zoot.  Does anyone else have experience with CEP?  I have also gotten some really good feedback on calf sleeves from 2XU, Zensah, and Zoot.  I may have to give those a shot so I don't have to switch up my socks.  

Now it's time for me to rock my Zoot socks and watch some tv.  I am worn out from my 50 mile ride in the heat today.  Time for some rest before waking up before dawn to greet my fellow runners at Lake Hefner in the morning.  Oh the life of an endurance athlete.  Early to bed, early to rise.  I wouldn't change it for the world.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wind too?

It's been a few days.  Sorry for the absence.  Another one of those weeks where the only time I get to be home is when it's time to go to bed.  I like being busy though.  I would rather be busy, than constantly be sitting on my butt at home doing nothing.

Monday was a rest day for me so I went and had a nice meal prepared by a friend.  I feel like I take advantage of free meals from friends too often, but as long as they keep offering I guess I will keep coming over.  Basically my friends have gotten used to the fact that usually if I am not training I want to eat.  I eat constantly now.  I guess that is one of the perks of training.  I will say my grocery bill has jumped dramatically since I took up endurance sports.  I can't keep enough food on hand.

Tuesday I got in a really quick run in my neighborhood before meeting 3 friends for the Lady Gaga show here in OKC.  It's not every day that we get major non-country acts so I generally will try to make most of the major concerts that roll through town.  The tickets were astronomically expensive, but I have to give it up.  She puts on a pretty good show and it was by far the best people watching event I have been to since I mistakenly ran into the Comic-Con convention in Atlanta one year.  The concert made for a late night, but we get used to the midweek shows since we aren't a major market quite yet.

Wednesday I took it fairly easy and did my short bike ride.  I normally would do my long ride on Wednesday nights, but the late night prior made for a good opportunity to shake up the workout a bit.  Plus, my long run isn't really "long" this weekend so I am good putting both of them together.

Today I got in a hot, miserable 6 miles after work.  The heat index was 102 when I hit the pavement and I am pretty sure the asphalt added a good 10-20 degrees.  Needless to say I was not going to enjoy my run today.  The heat is one thing, but now Oklahoma has decided to throw in the wind as well.  Add in 20-25 mph south winds and you have yourself a sucktastic run day.  Not a fan.  I ended up having to take several walk breaks and by the end I was just happy to be alive and kicking.  It has now turned into that time of year when only dawn and dusk are acceptable times to run.  The dog days of summer are here.  Ugh.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another tragic loss...

I hate to start another blog off with bad news, but another cyclist was killed in OKC today.  About 8:30 AM this morning, a biker was hit by a truck near Britton and I-35.  This was not a hit and run and the person driving the truck called the paramedics, but the cyclist passed away at a local hospital.  It is so sad that our endurance community has been hit with 2 tragedies in such a short span of time.  It is a reminder that we lack the appropriate protections here in Oklahoma and need to continue to educate our community on the laws of sharing the road.  It is our responsibility as cyclists to do our part to obey the laws, educate those around us, and ride defensive-minded, not aggressive.  I send my deepest condolences to those affected by these tragedies.

This was a great training week for me.  I hit a total of 98 miles between biking and running and skipped my swim workout.  I know I shouldn't be happy about skipping my swim workout, but I really wasn't feeling it this week.  The fact that I have no plans to do a triathlon anytime soon, makes it less appealing to swim, especially when I am tired.  I don't plan on making skipping a habit, but I needed the break. 

My runs and bikes all went really well despite the 100+ degree heat.  You definitely learn to get creative with your schedule when the heat gets this intense.  You know you are a committed athlete when going back to work means you get to sleep in!  This weekend I woke up at 4:30 AM both Saturday and Sunday.  I won't know what to do with myself tomorrow when I get to sleep in until 5:45 AM!   This morning's long run was my longest run since the half marathon back in April.  It felt great to hit the double digit mileage again with my 10 miler out at Lake Hefner.  The lake was incredibly busy with cyclists and runners taking advantage of the decreased humidity and light south wind.  It really makes me happy to see so many people active and training.  Until next time, run happy and please be careful.  

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Road I.D.

Unfortunately I was reminded today of why I am glad I have my Road I.D.  I ordered my Road I.D. elite about 2 or 3 months ago and haven't taken it off yet.  I know you don't think you will ever need one, but life is unpredictable and the Road I.D. provides a way to relay important information when you may not be coherent.  Please consider ordering a Road I.D.  Here is a link and a coupon that can be used until July 29th for those of you who want to order one today.

Coupon Number: ThanksBryan778644
The coupon is good for $1 off any Road ID order placed by 07/29/2010. 
To order, simply go to or click the link below:
I mentioned above that I was reminded today of why I am glad I wear a  Road I.D.  Unfortunately, a fellow cyclist was killed in a hit-and-run  accident in north Oklahoma City this morning.  A passer-by spotted a  cyclist in the ditch and called the paramedics, but the man had already  passed away.  The man has not been identified at this point because he  had no form of ID on him at the time.  Please remember to take I.D. with  you on all of your rides, even if you don't own a Road I.D.  Tell  people where you are going, how long you will be gone, and check in with  friends or family when you finish a workout.  Please be careful  everyone.  Drivers can be reckless and inattentive.  We need to do  what we can to protect ourselves when on the road.  

Monday, July 12, 2010

Marathon Maniac?

The thought has crossed my mind lately....just saying.

There is a small part of me that is considering trying to become a marathon maniac.  This hasn't happened over night and the fact that I am still concerned my body will not make it through the rigors of 2 marathons makes this a very remote possibility.  I can't say no just yet though.

For those of you who aren't familiar, there is a club called the Marathon Maniacs.  Basically they are a club for people who love the marathon and race in them often.  The thought of joining this club is intriguing.  Honestly, I never even really thought about trying to join this club when the year started.  I knew I was running Chicago with my friend Katie and that was the only marathon I planned on running this year.  Due to my good luck (I guess), I won a lottery spot in the NYC Marathon and figured I might as well give it a shot.  It's not every year that you can say you knocked out two of the World Marathon Majors in a month's time.  As both marathons inch closer, the thought of joining this crazy club continues to pop up in the back of my mind.  Is it likely?  No.  Is it possible?  Yes.  I wouldn't be breaking any records or doing anything that 100s of people haven't done before, but it would be significant for me and something I would cherish.  Here are the criteria for me to become a Bronze Level Marathon Maniac:

1. 2 Marathons within a 16 day time frame.
2. 3 Marathons within a 90 day time frame.

For those of you who know me, I am a planner.  If I was to try for this crazy feat, I would have to do something very spur of the moment.  There is no way I am going to pay for an entry fee into a marathon that may not happen.  I can find way better things to spend $125 on right now.  However, the planner in me has started to look at local race dates.  The good thing (I guess) is that 2 local races fit within the 90 day window after Chicago.
  • Route 66 Marathon - Tulsa, OK (November 21st) - close to home, but only 2 weeks after NYC
  • Dallas White Rock Marathon - Dallas, TX (Dec 5th) - a possible return to the scene of my 1st full
Both should not be sold out by the date I would need to register, although I know Dallas will sell out a week or two before race day.  Tulsa had plenty of full marathon spots available last year, so I think I may even be able to do expo registration if I was crazy enough to attempt it there.  My body hated me after the marathon in Dallas last year, but I was undertrained and not even sure I would make it to the starting line due to Achilles issues.  I think if all goes well, my recovery time this year will be much "easier" and I can make a quicker turnaound after my races.  I know it's a stretch, but the possibility is there.  What have I become?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Triathlete or Runner?

My Daily Mile profile has really started to make me think about how I should label myself as an athlete.  I know labels are just something we use to describe ourselves and don't really define us as a person, but they are there for a purpose.  When I talk about myself, and let's face it, anyone who blogs likes to talk about themselves, I never really know how to narrow my endurance profile down to one word.   Am I a triathlete or a runner? 

To me, a triathlete is someone who only runs because they have to and never really truly appreciates the sport.  They dread the run portion of their day and only do it because it's a necessary evil to finish a race.  They also love biking.  It is their go-to workout if they don't know what to do that day.  They enjoy the miles on the open road and will do whatever it takes to ride, even if it means missing a run.  When they are injured, they can often focus on another discipline and be content.  They also enjoy swimming and hot weather which is insane.  Their racing season revolves around warm weather and sun.  To that end, a lot of these do not accurately describe me.  I am a triathlete in the sense that I have completed an Olympic distance race.  I also consider myself a triathlete because my training schedule is currently focused on marathon training with an Ironman base-building flair.  I bike and swim regularly because I know I have to keep those disciplines strong if I want to make  my Ironman dreams a reality.

Now, a runner is someone who runs and can't imagine doing anything else.  They dread cross-training and view it only as a nuisance.  They would rather be running than doing anything else in the world.  They get cranky if they miss their runs and often will lie to make sure they have time to run.  Their training schedule consists of 5 run days, 1 stupid cross-training day, and 1 rest day (maybe).  Runners hate heat.  They love the cool, crisp temps in the spring and fall that make runs seem almost heavenly.  Runners would go into hibernation in the summer except for the fact most are running fall marathons that require the dreaded 4 AM summer runs.  Their racing season revolves around moderate temperatures.  The thought of temperatures above 65 make it a less-than-perfect race day.  When a runner gets injured, it's like you stole their dog, talked bad about their mother, and peed in their cereal.  They are miserable and will make sure you know they are too.  Without running they are incomplete.   Lastly, most runners dread swimming.  They swim because it's good for them, not because it's enjoyable.  A lot of these describe me and that's why I continue to label myself as a runner on my Daily Mile profile.  Triathletes are good people, but I think I will keep my runner label until I become an Ironman.      

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I really can't say it enough.  I love running.  Even on days when I don't have a great run, I still appreciate it.  It's a sport that requires time, dedication, and patience.  It won't let you cheat.  It makes you embrace it.  It makes you really search your soul and decide what's important. It requires you to plan.  It makes you feel alive.

I was reminded of the joys of running early this morning when I laced up my shoes before the sun was peeking over the horizon.  My weekly date with my long run is something I look forward to all week.  Long runs are my favorite part of marathon training and the reason I don't think I will ever fully remove myself from the sport.  Sure, the runs during the week are fun too, but I always plan my schedule around those long runs.  I make sure I am well rested and I am more disciplined with my nutrition.  It makes me a healthier, more focused athlete.  I book a few hours of the day where it's just me and running.  No other distractions.  No other complications.  Whether I am running alone or with a group, it's still my time away from the world. 

Today was another great step up the marathon training ladder.  I logged 9 miles and felt strong doing it.  I am growing more confident with each passing week.  If I can stay healthy, I am expecting huge gains in my 2nd marathon.  I know I am still a long way from Chicago, so hopefully things continue to go as planned.  I really think cutting back on the number of days I run each week is helping tremendously.  Quality over quantity is my theme this training season.  We will see if it produces results. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Another rainy day....another treadmill run

Well, it's another toad strangler kind of day in OKC so I was stuck indoors again for my run.  In all actuality, it was dry at my work, but the ominous clouds did not look very inviting.  I was concerned I would start my run, get 2 miles out and the heavens would open on top of me.  I love running in a nice rain, but the flash flood invoking rains we have gotten lately aren't really conducive to a good run.  In order to not practice my open water swims on the streets, I opted for a 5 mile run on the 'mill. 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to my "Treadmill Etiquette" post!  It came in very handy today as I prepped for another run in the confines of the gym.  I made sure I didn't break any of the rules that you guys listed, and of course I listened to my own recommendations.  I have to say that my work gym is a lot cleaner, more runner friendly gym, than my local YMCA.  People actually shower, clean off machines, wear clean clothes, and act professional.  Big props to CHK Fitness Center!  It was actually an enjoyable time on the treadmill today.

Tomorrow me and my so-called friend, swimming, will tango.  I am already dreading it, but I guess I better get my butt in the pool if I am going to keep doing triathlons.  Stupid swimming, why do you have to be so good for me!   

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Treadmill Etiquette

Monsoon season has hit Oklahoma so I was forced indoors today to get in my run.  Running on the treadmill is definitely not  my favorite thing in the world.  Today only magnified the reasons I don't enjoy running on the treadmill.  It seems I always get stuck by the guy or girl who hasn't brushed their teeth in a few days, hasn't showered in a week or two, and can't help but throw their sweat all over everything within 5 feet  Ok, maybe it wasn't that bad, but I still had the smelly guy next to me today and it just really makes me wonder why anyone would willingly smell awful.  It's not hard to shower every morning and reapply deoderant before you go jump on the treadmill. 

Here is my list of things everyone should remember when running on a treadmill:
  • Reapply deoderant before going for a run on the treadmill - you should have it in your bag anyway
  • Pop in a piece of gum or a mint before running in a closed environment - we don't all want to smell what you ate today
  • If you sweat buckets like me, go grab a towel and keep it on your treadmill.  It's so easy to wipe off while you are running.
  • Don't look at my pace and mileage and try to race me.  I am there for a purpose, not to see if I can run faster than someone for a few minutes.
  • Wear a fresh pair of shorts and a shirt before you run.  Yes, running in one place for 20-30 minutes will unleash that odor caught up in your clothes that you wore the last 3 days.
  • Wipe down your 'mill after you are done.  No one else wants to swim in your filth.
Ok, there is my list.  Feel free to add more in the comments section if I left anything out.  Running outside is good for the soul.  Treadmill running is a necessary evil when hurricane season decides to visit your neck of the woods.  Get out and run regardless!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Rested and Ready

Two rest days definitely do a body good.  It's been nice taking an opportunity to rest and recover the past 2 days.  My bike mileage is at an all-time personal high and my running mileage is slowing starting to climb the ladder of marathon training.  Due to these two factors, I thought it was wise to take the 2 rest days when I had the opportunity and hopefully store up some energy reserves for the next 14 weeks.  I have managed to sleep in until 9 AM and caught up on quite a few blogs.  I also had a chance to play with my new iPhone and make my shopping wish list for the next few weeks as I reassess my marathon training supplies and gear.  Here is what I came up with for my shopping list:

  • Compression socks/calf sleeves - which is better?
  • Compression tights - my coach recommended just getting ones at CVS/Walgreens
  • Back-up pair of shoes - the miles add up quickly
  • Recovery drink mix
  • Gatorade Endurance formula mix
  • Gels/bars for training
  • New Buff - the old one is getting a little stank
Does anyone have any recommendations on compression gear?  I have never owned any special compression gear other than basic tights I wear under my running shorts  I am definitely open to suggestions on brands and types.

Nothing else really going on at the moment.  July looks to be a pretty quiet month so I should be able to focus on my training and really get into a groove.  Sounds like a great month to me!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July blogger friends!  Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.  I am headed to my parents house in a bit for a little cookout/family time.  I am looking forward to hanging out, it's been a few weeks.

Yesterday was another successful Team-in-Training day at Lake Hefner.  The weather was cloudy with light rain which was a welcome relief from the hot, nasty weather we have had the past few weeks.  Our Team put in a nice 7 - 9 miles depending on their race date and everyone did really well.  After coaching for a bit, I parked my car out at Hefner and got in a quick 5 miles for my own training.  It's a stepback week for me, so that will be the end of my running this week.  I was contemplating going for a bike ride today, but I could use an extra rest day so I am going to take it.  No reason to push right now.

For those of you who live in Oklahoma, go by and pick up a copy of the July/August issue of Oklahoma Sports and Fitness magazine!  I was asked to write an article by the new editor/owner and it is in the current issue.  For those of you outside of Oklahoma, here is a link to a PDF version of the magazine:

Oklahoma Sports and Fitness Magazine - July/August 2010

I am on page 14, but definitely check out the whole magazine if you haven't read it.  It's a great source for local race information. 

As a thank you for writing the article, the magazine also sent me a cool Brooks tech tee!  I will always take free Brooks gear!  Until next time, Run Happy!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Free Time - The Disappearing Act

Free time has been relatively non-existent the last few weeks.  I am sure by the lack of blog posts, this was pretty evident.  Either I just completey fell off the blogging wagon or I was really busy.  It is definitely the latter.  I miss blogging and reading up on other's running/triathlon lives.  I am making a concerted effort to book myself blogging time in the future.  Not only does it help me connect with other runners, but it's also a way for me to monitor my training as I progress through this whole marathon adventure. 

This week has been really busy at work and the evenings have been crammed with my training, Team-in-Training events, and other usual nonsense.  I did manage to sneak out Tuesday at lunch and pick up my very own iPhone 4 so I can now stay better connected on the go.  I hope to be sending out short blogs and pics from time-to-time as I get used to my new friend.  Before the iPhone, I was still relegated to using the old candy bar style Sony which had little blogging capabilities.  I finally bit the bullet and upgraded.  For what it's worth, I love the upgrade.  I can already tell it will make things much easier on my social networking sites.

Here is my training log for the week up to this point:
  • Monday - Rest Day
  • Tuesday - 3.05 mile run in 24:51
  • Wednesday - 40.35 mile bike in 2:20:00
  • Thursday - 4.10 mile run in 34:19
  • Friday - 1350 meter swim (had to cut short due to work)
The plan this weekend is to get in a 5 mile run in the AM after my Team-in-Training coaching duties and a 1.5 hour bike ride on Sunday before 4th of July festivities.  I am more than ecstatic for a 3-day weekend and an actual full day of rest on Monday.  No plans, nothing to do.  Not bad at all.  I hope everyone has a great start to the holiday weekend.  Check back with you soon!