Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well, as mentioned in a previous post, Concertpalooza is upon us. I am beyond excited. I am actually on YouTube at this very moment listening to videos from all the artists I will be seeing next week.

I am a HUGE country music fan. I grew up on country music. I have zero recollection of 80's pop music because I grew up on George Strait, Reba, Tanya Tucker, Alabama, The Judds, Pam Tillis, and every other country artist from the 80's and 90's. I have always been a country music fan and always be, it is just in my blood. On that note, you can only imagine why this upcoming week is hands down the most exciting week of concerts in my life.

For starters, on a whim, I decided to apply for the casting of the CMT Invitation Only series when I received an e-mail saying Miranda Lambert would be filming her episode on June 15th. I really didn't expect to get picked, but regardless, I sent in a picture of myself and rolled the dice. About a week ago, I received an e-mail from a casting agency in Nashville, TN, alerting me that I had been selected to appear in the taping of Miranda Lambert's CMT Invitation Only show!! One of my first blog posts on "A Whole Lotta B.S." was about my fascination with Miranda Lambert. She is by far one of my favorite artists and I have seen her in concert several times. The fact that I get to see her in a venue with only 150 people is something I am sure I will never, ever forget.

To top it all off, this is also the week I am traveling to Chicago with my good friend Allison to see, arguably, our favorite band of all time : the Dixie Chicks. Allison and I are music soul mates. We have always shared the love of the same music and have hit it off from the first time I met her in 2006 when we worked together for the first time. I even think she loves concerts as much as me, which is pretty rare. Starting next Friday, we will make the perfect road trip together.

Our first stop will be in Kansas City, MO, to catch Sugarland at the Sprint Center. I have never been disappointed by a Sugarland concert. I have seen them 3 times now and every time I leave smiling, happy, and ready for more. Their love for music is infectious. It's impossible to go to their show and not have a good time.

After Sugarland, Allison and I will continue our journey north to Chicago. On Saturday, we will hit up Soldier Field and finally see the Dixie Chicks after a 7 year hiatus. The last time either one of us saw them was in 2003 on their Top of the World tour. It's been way too long. Not only do we get to see the Dixie Chicks, but I will also get to see the Eagles for the first time and Keith Urban for the 4th time. I really can't complain about the week of music ahead. It is truly the perfect week of concerts. I wouldn't change anything about it.

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  1. That's so funny. I'm the same way... all my friends reference late 80s and early 90s songs and I'm like... never heard of it! I was listening to country when I was growing up.

    Sounds like a great week! You should consider coming to Nashville one year for CMA Music Fest. It's actually going on right now. It's a little expensive, but you get to see TONS of artists and shows.

    Anyway, enjoy your awesome week!