Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Concertpalooza - Stage 1

The first stage of Concertpalooza has been completed. All I can say is, WOW! It far exceeded my expectations and the whole process of taping for a television show was a really neat experience. It was truly an unforgettable trip.

Tuesday started off with a 620 AM flight out of OKC so I could get to Nashville with plenty of time to spare. I got into Nashville around 11 AM and grabbed my rental car and headed downtown. This was my first visit to Nashville so everything was new and fresh. I parked near the Country Music Hall of Fame and walked up and down the rows of honky tonks and listened to the afternoon performers. I grabbed some BBQ, enjoyed some good music, and then made my way to the Ryman. It definitely goes to the top of my list as a concert destination. I loved the layout and the intimacy and can't wait to book a trip back to Nashville for a show. Next I made my way to the Hall of Fame and spent an hour or so wandering through the exhibits. Truly a great experience for a first time visitor. After visiting the HofF, I made the trek south to Franklin where the CMT Invitation Only series was being taped that evening. I went in expecting this to be a good time, but I left even happier than I imagined.

For starters, I showed up right in the middle of the 1 hour window they gave us for arrival time. I was one of the last people to show and for this reason, I was one of the last people to be escorted into Liberty Hall for staging. I actually think this may have worked to my advantage. The fact I was by myself was also to my advantage. When it was my turn to be escorted in, the production manager asked if I was alone and I told him yes. He then promptly took me to the very front row of the audience and sat me on a wooden block, about 2 feet tall, merely feet from the stage. I immediately started beaming and couldn't quite believe I had scored such a premiere spot for the taping! The next hour or so was spent trying to be all cool and collected so they wouldn't think I was a lunatic and try to move me further away from the stage. As they started going through final production staging, I knew I was golden. I was concerned my height would become an issue b/c those of you that know me, know I am not short. I was afraid my head would be in a camera angle or that someone couldn't see and I would get moved. It turns out this was just meant to be for me.

After the final instructions, the band took the stage and Miranda soon followed and started her set. The production people insisted that we have a good time and sing, dance, smile, and clap as much as we could without being stupid. I had no problem having a good time from my viewpoint. I was giddy happy the entire time and pretty sure I may look like a fool on camera. I don't care though. I had an amazing time and left loving Miranda even more than before if that's possible. It was amazing to share that experience with only 100 people and Miranda. I am pretty sure I will never get another opportunity like that again. For those of you that have Dish Network, it premieres there on July 25th and will be aired on CMT nationwide at a later date to be determined. I am excited to see the finished product and relive the memories.

Today was a very long travel day followed by a run, a 1/2 day at work, and then dinner with customers. I am beyond tired, but am glad I still managed to get in my run for the day. I am now fading fast and will be hitting the hay very quickly. I hope you guys have a great weekend. I will be out of commission for the next several days as I finish the 2nd stage of Concertpalooza. Happy training to everyone! I will try to keep up on your blog posts from the Blackberry while I am on the road.

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