Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weather - The Great Equalizer

Well, another canceled open swim due to weather. It is that time of year in Oklahoma so I guess it should be expected. We have another one on the schedule for Monday so keep your fingers crossed that we can get in at least one or two before we head to Austin for the triathlon.

Our normal group swim spot was closed tonight for some reason so I went to my work's fitness center and used the pool there. The water has been really warm the last few times I have been there though. I get so thirsty during my swim. I have to jump out every 10 minutes or so and get a drink because I always forget to take my water bottle. I haven't gotten it through my head that you indeed still sweat in the water and that you need to replace fluids. One of these days I will catch on.

The swim wasn't the best I have had lately, but at least I went and did it. I could have easily sat on my couch and not went back to the gym after hearing that our group swim was canceled. At this point, I can't really afford to miss any more swims though. I am suddenly starting to feel unprepared. Not in the sense that I don't think I will finish, but in the sense that I may not be in the best shape. I need to get in a few more decent workouts and then just go have fun. It is my first triathlon after all.


  1. Hey man kudos for going to the pool after having an OWS swim fall through. Don't know about your by my pool is a nightmare. Good luck with your upcoming race..