Monday, May 24, 2010

Take That OWS!!

Wow, what a difference a few days make!! Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and advice the past few days. The open water swim on Thursday definitely left me shaken and doubting myself. I was getting really nervous. If I couldn't even swim a few hundred yards in Arcadia, how in the heck did I plan on swimming 1500 meters in Austin?!

Well, today was round number 2 at Arcadia and this time it was only with the Team-in-Training crew. Coach Ryan and Coach Megan gathered us together and gave us a few last minute tips before we embarked on our first lap around the buoys. I immediately cleared my head and told myself I could do it. I had practiced sighting in the pool all day on Friday and felt confident in my ability to keep my composure. I wasn't about to let the water have the best of me this time. The end result : I actually felt like I knew was I was doing. I remembered to keep my strokes long. I kept my kicking light to save my legs. I sighted about every 8-10 strokes. I never once lost my cool and freaked out. Granted, there weren't nearly as many people in the water with us this time and I didn't get kicked, but still, it was 100 times better than last Thursday. I left the water confident and now I know I can do it in Austin. Take that you stupid, muddy open water.

After doing about 1000 yards in the lake, we jumped out of the water and got some last minute instructions on how to set up our transition area. I actually haven't practiced my transitions yet, so that may be something I work on by myself this week. I know it's not that tough, but it would still be nice to go through a quick transition to get the process down pat. I tend to over-pack and over-prepare so I need to remind myself to only take what I absolutely need to transition. Otherwise I will have too much stuff crammed into my tiny transition area.

After our transition lesson, a couple of us went for a quick bike ride. It was only 4 miles or so, but it felt good to get out on the bike. By that time, the wind had stopped blowing and it was a nice, relaxing ride.

Overall it was a very successful night and I can thank all of you guys and my TNT friends and coaches for all of the help along the way. I am now ready to go to Austin and become a triathlete.

Here is a pic we took after our swim. Go Team!


  1. Glad it worked out, man. Next up - embracing full contact swimming!! You can't draft on the bike, but you can get up on everyone in the swim...

  2. Happy you were able to build some confidence in your second OWS... I had my first for the season on Saturday, and though of your post :) You will do it!! Coach was also grabbing at our legs to simulate race :)

  3. THis is not sounding mean, but I am glad you got kicked, so you at least exeperience it, that it self will do wonders in your experience. Keep it up, it just gets better from here on out.

  4. you want a tri funny, goto to youtube and search for "cliff bar triathlon video" now that you have OWS you will get a kick out of it.