Monday, May 17, 2010

Seriously? Mother Nature give us a break!

Weather disaster number two for the week is officially in the books. After the massive tornado outbreak last Monday, we thought we would keep things interesting around here and throw in the worst hail storm in recent memory. Yesterday the heavens unloaded golf balls, baseballs, and softballs on the entire northern side of OKC. Not one or two minutes worth, let's try 5 to 10 minutes. I personally was very lucky and missed the bulk of the storm by a mere 3 or 4 miles, but most of OKC was not so fortunate. It's been a heck of a week around here to say the least. Round number 3 is on it's way Wednesday. Please keep your fingers crossed that this one doesn't pan out quite like they predict.

Needless to say, the open water swim practice continues to get pushed back. The current plan is to go on Thursday evening. The next 2 days are supposed to be wet and stormy, with another round of large hail and tornadoes on Wednesday. If we all manage to make it through unscathed, we may actually get in an open water this week. I am beginning to get a little nervous about the swim. For starters, I have only tried my wetsuit on once and that was in my living room by myself. I haven't mastered the art of actually swimming in it. I for sure haven't mastered the art of swimming in a straight line without the assistance of lane ropes and painted lines on the bottom of the pool. CapTex could be a very interesting experience to say the least.

Yesterday before the heavens opened up I did manage to get in a nice little brick workout. The bricks have been pretty hit and miss this season due to scheduling complications. We really haven't had much luck weather-wise around here. I know it's my own fault for not getting more in, so I have no one to blame but myself. I mean I could have went out several times and ended up looking like this guy. Credit to for the pic.

This poor guy was out trying to get in a long run yesterday and got caught out at Lake Hefner when the storm rolled in. If you have ever run at Lake Hefner, you know there isn't much cover out there. Poor guy. That's dedication. He was lucky someone picked him up shortly after it started or this could have been a lot worse. Ouch!

Lucky for me, I went about 12 PM yesterday and was finished about 30-45 minutes before the storm hit. I ended up logging 21 miles on the bike and 2.66 miles on the run. I just did a simple out and back from my car on the run portion because I didn't have a lock for my bike and I wasn't quite sure it would be there when I got back. It was, thank goodness. Overall I felt pretty happy with the workout. I still have little clue as to what time to expect at the tri. I am hoping for a decent showing, but in all honesty it's pretty much up in the air at this point. I think my goal is to get in under 3 hours. I figure 40 minutes for the swim, 1:20 on the bike, and 50 minutes on the run. That gives me ample time to screw up something in my transition and still be ok. Heck, getting out of the water is going to be worthy enough for a celebration!


  1. Oh my gosh!! Be careful out there. I will never complain about the sun again :)

  2. OUCH! Poor guy. I'm glad we didn't get any of that here.

  3. Dude that guys back is gnarly. Wow.

    It rained here about an hour yesterday and was a little cloudy today. That's all I got.