Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fundraising Success!!

Hey gang! If you haven't had a chance to see the new fundraising total, you should really give it a peek. Friday was a great day of raising money to help find a cure!

Thursday night I sent out an e-mail to all the people that work on my floor as a way to remind everyone of the upcoming race. I had several people tell me they were going to donate, but had probably forgotten due to the length of time since my last e-mail. I didn't expect to get a ton of donations, but to my surprise, I ended up receiving over $600 in donations! It sent me over my $3,000 minimum contribution and pushed me closer to my goal of $4,500! Thank you to everyone who donated! The support from everyone through this process has been absolutely tremendous. Here are my new Team members:

De Ann Williams
Shanna Harmon
Dory Douglas
Zach Cowden
Jason Sarakatsannis
Christoper Wilno
Tenaska Marketing Ventures - Scott McCollister

After work on Friday, I was pumped up and ready for a swim. I went into the workout thinking I would just follow the planned schedule and do the usual warm-up, drills, main sets, and some sprints. After I finished the 200 meter warm-up I had a crazy thought. Self : "Why not just combine the rest of your workout into a long swim?" I had only swam 1000 meters continuously up to this point so I figured what the hell. I might as well make this an even better day and swim the 1500 meters to give me that extra confidence boost for Austin. I started off in a pretty slow pace because I really didn't know what to expect. I wanted to make sure I didn't bonk, but I also wanted to make sure that I didn't just completely dog it and not push myself. The first 300 or 400 meters was just like I expected. I was sluggish, kinda tired, and hadn't found my groove. It was like the start of any other workout, whether it be running, biking, or swimming. You always have that 10-15 minutes where you really question if the workout is going to be fun or whether it's going to be miserable. After that window, I really settled down and felt pretty strong in the water. I was trying to put emphasis on my stroke technique and kick. I felt like lately I had been sloppy with my form so it was time to get focused again and push myself to get better. The swim went surprisingly well and I left the workout feeling renewed confidence in my swim and renewed hope that I could get out of the water faster. I still have my doubts about the wet suit and open water swim, but it looks like Monday's weather is going to cooperate for a little open water practice. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

Today was another workout with the Team-in-Training crew. We were supposed to do a brick workout, but par for the course lately, it was wet this AM so we settled for a run only. A lot of us hadn't been running much because of the Oklahoma City Memorial races so the 3 miles was a little tougher than I wanted it to be for such a short run. It should be expected when you lay off running for 2 weeks. I will say that the time off has really helped the knee. I still have some pain/tightness on the outside of my knee from time to time, but it nowhere near what it was a month ago. I am confident that as long as I am smart and increase mileage slowly that I will be back to full health when Chicago training starts in June!

We also had a short shoe clinic at the new Red Coyote running store that opened up in Classen Curve. They are the only store in Oklahoma City that has the capability to perform a video gait analysis so I decided to give it a go today. I have never actually been tested for a proper shoe fit which is kinda crazy honestly. You would think that after a year or so of running that I would find somewhere to get fitted, but until Red Coyote opened up, there really wasn't anywhere to have it done in OKC. Thank goodness for new running stores!!

The process was pretty cool and I ended up learning quite a bit about my stride by watching it in slow motion on video. I had done enough research to at least be familiar with the different shoe types, pronation types, and other lingo so it was cool to have someone break down my own mechanics. Basically what I learned was that 1) I have been wearing the wrong type of shoe 2) I really have pretty decent form, and 3) my shoe size was smaller than I had been wearing. In other words, I am buying a new pair of shoes. I have always worn Brooks Adrenaline shoes except for my recent purchase of the Trance 9. I assumed I was in need of a support shoe b/c the vast majority of the population fits in that category. To my surprise, I actually don't need much support at all. The guy who did my analysis said that I have a little roll in my ankle on my right foot, but my left foot was perfect. He also said that my form was really efficient and if I got in the right shoe, it might increase my performance pretty noticeably. He ended up fitting me as a size 12 in the Brooks Glycerin which is a neutral shoe with a little support. I took them for a quick spin around the block and realized that I may have found a new love :-) Granted, I had to explain that I was a Brooks I.D. member and that I get a 40% discount online so I opted to not buy them there and instead would return at a later date to purchase accessories for future races and training. I felt kind of bad not purchasing the shoes right then and there, but the 40% discount is kinda hard to pass up. The Brooks Glycerin will be on my foot before marathon training gets into full force!

One last note : Stay tuned for details on an exciting event I am helping co-host with Red Coyote in June! If you live in OKC, please put June 12th on your calendar. I am helping organize a fun run from their store as part of their grand opening celebration! More details to come soon!


  1. congrats on all of your fundraising success! You're doing great ... all around!

  2. Thank you for your wonderful efforts

  3. That's awesome Bryan. Well done on raising so much money and "rallying the troops" around a worthy cause.

    Interval Running Man

  4. Thanks for all the comments! It was a great day of fundraising for TNT. Ready to put all the training to the test in 2 weeks!

  5. Fundraising is tough. I did it with TNT for the Denver Half in 2007. Good luck!!