Monday, May 3, 2010

1st Bike Wreck - Minor

Well, it was bound to happen at some point. I think it's everyone's fear when they first start biking. That dreaded first wreck. If you have been keeping up on the blog, you are well aware of the fact that I have fallen several times because of my clumsy nature and the fact I hadn't mastered the clipless pedals. This time around, I was actually moving when it happened.

We had our weekly group ride with TNT on Sunday afternoon and only 4 of our group actually showed up so we decided to alter the training plan and turn our brick workout into a long ride. We ended up starting at Lake Hefner and took the city roads/trails over to Lake Overholser for a loop there before heading back to base camp at Hefner. It was on our loop around Overholser when the accident happened.

If you have never ridden at Overholser, the south side of the lake runs parallel to NW 10th Street and is narrowed to a one-lane bridge that is very narrow and has walls about 4-5 feet high on both sides. You really have nowhere to go except straight and this is where our incident occurred. As we turned onto the bridge, one of the girls in our group was messing with her pedal and hit a bump about the same time and lost her balance. Normally this would be no cause of concern because you can just correct yourself and go on with your business. However, in this case, the loss of balance was just enough to cause her to hit the wall on the left side of the lane and that was all she wrote. She tried to correct herself but at this point all she could do was grab the wall and try to limit the damage. I was closely behind her when she hit the wall and never had a chance to stop before I collided with her as well. Luckily I was able to unclip and land upright and neither one of us was seriously injured. We were also lucky that we had just turned a corner and hadn't had a chance to get up much speed.

I ended up leaving the scene of the crash with only a minor road rash on my left leg and some scratches on my handlebars and seat. Our other participant wasn't as lucky. She ended up getting some road rash on her left leg, bruised her ribs/left chest area where she hit the wall, and some wear and tear on her handlebars and bike. It was nice to be able to laugh it off after it happened and chalk it up as our wreck of the season. I know she felt super bad about it, but I was just happy nothing serious happened and we could finish our ride chit-chatting about vacation, friends, and the rest of our year. Now that I have that first wreck out of my system, I can go about with my training and hopefully never have another one :-)


  1. Good to see you are okay. I stick to running due to my big clumsy feet... hard to get hurt to badly if I fall down at my pace.. LOL

  2. I glad to hear the both of you are ok, all considering.