Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recovery Week

After such a great weekend at the OKC Memorial, mentally I was amped up to hit the road hard and continue to build my way to my fall marathons. However, my body was telling me differently. I have taken the opportunity to rest and recover this week and I really think it's going to do me wonders over the next few months. My knee is feeling really good right now and my soreness is gone from this weekend's race. My body feels healthy and ready to tackle another bout of training, but I am still making myself give it a few more days before I lace up the shoes again. I read something the other day that every time you think you are healed up from an injury, take another day or two just in case. The time off won't hurt your fitness that much and it will pay dividends for your future health. We shall see if that is indeed true.

This week hasn't been a total bust though. After taking Monday off completely, I went to the gym on Tuesday and got in a little weight training before I jetted home to get my bike. The weather was absolutely perfect on Tuesday. No wind, mild temps, and abundant sunshine. I ended up hitting Lake Hefner about 6:45 which allowed me to get in a nice 1 hour ride before it started to get too dark. It was one of those days where the water was like glass and the evening temps had a bit of bite. It reminded me so much of a cool, crisp summer evening in the mountains. It's my ideal weather. If I can throw on a long-sleeve shirt or a light jacket and be comfortable I am in heaven.

My quads were pretty sore after the half marathon so the nice, easy bike ride on Tuesday went a long way in helping ease some of that soreness. It also helped me stay off the knee while still managing to get in a decent cardio workout. I tried to use some new tri shoes that I bought, but evidently I didn't secure the cleats very well and they turned on me during the ride so I need to perfect my cleat attachment skills apparently.

Wednesday was my group swim workout with Team-in-Training, but it was a very light turnout. I am guessing that the previous weekend events had everyone still in recovery mode or something. The swim was great though. I had never swam over 200 meters non-stop before Wednesday night. Coach Ryan decided we should throw in a long swim workout so we ended up doing a 1000-meter non-stop swim to test out our pacing and endurance. Honestly it went surprisingly well! I was kinda shocked. I didn't burn up the swim lanes with blazing speed, but I finished fairly easily and felt confident in my ability to swim the full 1500 meter distance for the Olympic distance tri. Our next experiment involves open water swims which begin next week. I guess I should probably try to get my wetsuit on now. Oh I dread putting that thing on for the first time. That's why I keep putting it off every day.

Today was another rest day for me since the wind was blowing 40+ and it was a scheduled run day. I considered biking, but honestly it sounded miserable in this wind. Instead I came home and did some chores and am now writing to you guys. I think it's time for me to get in some stretching and call it a night. I hope everyone has had a great week. It's another night in the pool for me tomorrow and I am actually looking forward to it.

Tomorrow is Thunder Friday at work too! Thunder up! Beat LA!

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