Saturday, April 24, 2010

OKC Memorial Marathon Eve

I remember a year ago at this time I was a nervous wreck and paranoid that I was going to flame out doing my first half marathon ever. Tonight I am relaxed, calm, and excited for my 3rd half marathon and my 2nd consecutive OKC Memorial half marathon. My how times have changed.

This week has been a pretty light training week for me. I took yesterday and today off to rest up for the half tomorrow and hopefully let my body have a few more days of healing time since I have been battling the knee bug over the past month. Last night I did nothing but cook up a big batch of pasta for the weekend and catch up on my DVR. My TV and couch have felt very neglected the past few months, not that it's a bad thing. It's been refreshing to have a reason to be out and active nearly every night of the week. A great positive side effect of triathlon training is that when my marathon training kicks into full gear in a month or so I will be very strong in 2 cross-training disciplines. My last marathon training journal showed a marked lack of cross-training so the plan is to not have a repeat performance.

Today was my turn to volunteer at the expo for Team-in-Training. I showed up at the expo at 8:45 with my Starbucks goodness and settled in for a few hours of sharing the Team-in-Training message with those who would listen. I am not a great salesman, but hopefully at some point today I said something that will stick in someone's mind and make them think about joining up with TNT. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience and I think most people would share my sentiment.

After helping out there for a few hours, I took my turn at walking around the expo and shopping for things I don't really need. I actually made it out of there rather unscathed. Finally, after almost 5 months, I bought a 26.2 sticker to put on my little Mazda to show off my marathoner status. I also bought some race number ties for my SpiBelt and picked up a sample of Athlete's Milk for my post-race recovery tomorrow. I have heard a lot of good things about Athlete's Milk so I am excited to give it a try. I haven't ordered any yet, because I was hesitant to order a whole case without every trying it. Now I can give it a shot and order away.

After the expo, I walked across the street with a couple of friends and took in the sights of the Arts Festival and grubbed down on a great chicken gyro. The weather in OKC turned noticeably cooler around 12 today and I have a feeling it is going to be a pretty chilly morning with a pretty stiff north wind. It makes dressing for the 6:30 AM start more interesting because you know once the sun comes up it will get warm fairly quickly. I think I will stick to a shorts and tech tee theme and just be cold for an hour or so. It won't be freezing, so I think I can manage.

Race morning is going to start at 4 AM so I better sign off here and get myself ready for bed. That is only 7 1/2 hours away at the moment. No big goals for tomorrow other than to go have fun and stay healthy. I am meeting up with the Team-in-Training crew at 5:30 in the morning and am ready to cheer on all of the full marathons after I finish up my run. It's almost race day, I love it! Good luck everyone!

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