Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend - Sunburn

Hey gang, it was a really great Easter weekend here in Oklahoma. I got to spend time with my family in Amber and see my brother hit his 2nd home run in high school baseball action. I had a great Saturday of training and watching basketball with friends and then topped it off with a nice trip down to southern Oklahoma to spend time with my dad's side of the family today. It's been a while since I have seen a lot of the people who have donated to my Team-in-Training fundraising efforts so going out and seeing family and friends to be able to thank them for their contribution was great. I still need to make a trip back to my old church to see friends there who have donated, so that is definitely on the list over the next month and a half as I wind down my training for the Capital of Texas triathlon. Big thank you to Cortney Stone, my cousin, who donated this weekend. We have now raised $2,602 over the past 2 months. We are doing so well. Thank you to everyone who has been involved and continues to support me through e-mails, phone calls, letters, comments on my blog, and messages on Facebook.

Saturday was our group training day for Team-in-Training since Easter Sunday had everyone busy this weekend. We met up at Lake Stanley Draper again and went over some quick tips on our transition areas. I made a ton of mental notes of things I need to buy over the next month or so leading up to the tri. It's amazing all the little things you need for this sport. I love buying gear though so it's not all bad. There is so much I want, just too little time or money to get it all. After going over the transition tips, we saddled up on our bikes and headed for a loop around the lake. The temps were really, really nice and the wind was manageable so it made for a pleasant ride. Being that it was the first day of riding in warm temps and the mid-afternoon sun, I didn't even think about applying sunscreen. Bad mistake on my part because I was white as a ghost and my arms got toasted during our ride. It didn't seem that bad when I left the lake, but the sunburn definitely set in as the night progressed. I will have some very sexy tan lines working in a few days.

The ride was great again. I am really getting comfortable on the bike and feel like it is an area where I can become fairly strong as I get more and more training under my belt. It's like anything else, time and practice are the only ways to get better. I feel like as I continue down the path to my ultimate long-term goals, it is an area where I can make some significant gains with the right program.

After the bike, we hopped off and changed into our running shoes for a quick 10 minute run around the parking lot to get a better feel for our transitions from bike to run. My knee was better, but it still isn't 100% and was very tender when I woke up this morning. It gets better throughout the day as I stretch and work on it by massaging the side of my knee so I will just continue to do what I am doing and hope I can make it work for the next few weeks leading up to the OKC Memorial half marathon. My expectations for that race have changed drastically and I am purely just going to be running it to be running it. No time goals. No expectations. Just go enjoy the event and help remember the lives lost at the OKC bombing fifteen years ago.

Another great week planned ahead with it all culminating in my first two races of the season, the Redbud 33 mile bike tour and the Redbud 10k run. I am really looking forward to a weekend full of racing and hanging out with great friends. Hope you all have a great week.

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  1. You really dont need all the gadgets and knick knacks for your first tri. All you really need are the basics. The gadgets are nice and fun, but not a necessity. To be honest, all you really need is googles, a bike (of course a helmet), and running shoes. Invest in a pair of really good tri shorts, so you can swim, bike, and run in them. The are made for that purpose. And BODY GLIDE!!! If you havent already discovered this heavenly gift.