Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Sorry it's been a few days since I have posted. It was another week of very little time at home and a lot of time out training and working, thus the absence of any posts this week. I did get in a full week's worth of training despite the busy schedule.

Tuesday was another long ride out at Lake Stanley Draper with the Team-in-Training crew. We did the same 26 mile course from a few weeks back and it felt good to get back on the bike and work out some of the soreness from the Redbud weekend.

Wednesday was a very busy day at work and then I had a customer dinner early in the evening before I went up to UCO for our group swim. The swim after eating at a very nice restaurant wasn't the most pleasant experience in the world because typically I don't eat very much before my swim workouts. I was kind of sluggish, but logged a pretty good workout of 1500 yards. We also got our wetsuits for the tri on Wednesday night. I haven't even pulled it out of the bag, but I think I may give it a test run tomorrow and see if I can actually get it on by myself the first time. Wish me luck!

Thursday was my first run day of the week. I had a big plan to run 4, 6, and 10 this week, but due to the busy schedule I had to make some compromises. I ended up running 5 miles Thursday after work. The knee is hanging in there and this was the first run I have done in a long time where I wasn't really sore afterward so that is progress.

Last night I hopped in the pool for a quick 1350 meter swim before heading over to Republic, the new sports bar/lounge near work. My friend Holly was celebrating her 30th birthday so it was a fun-filled evening of eating things I shouldn't be eating and drinking a little too much beer, but I got to spend some good quality time with friends. I ended the night a little early knowing that I would have to get in a long run today. Plus, I just don't have the late nights in me anymore. Once the clock hits about 11 PM I am ready to hit the bed and crash.

Today was my longest run since the marathon back in December. My original plan for this weekend was to go to Stillwater and run in the Remember the 10 run. I know myself well enough to realize I would have run too fast and too hard and it would have bit me in the butt. So, in exchange for a nice 10k run in Stillwater, I opted to stay in OKC and run on my own and get in 10 miles as my last long run before next weekend's half marathon. The weather was cool and rainy here in OKC today so I opted to go inside and run on the treadmill. I am not a huge fan of the treadmill so 10 miles inside didn't sound like too much fun. The run went fairly well with only some minor hiccups with the knee throughout and I actually enjoyed myself. I just popped on some tunes and let myself get back into running. I have missed running and even though it's not pain free running currently, it is definitely getting me back in the mood for marathon training. Although the run wasn't perfect, it was a good confidence boost for next weekend's race. I am now moving on to recovery and taper for this week. I will probably pare back the triathlon training a bit this week to help the body get ready for the OKC Memorial.

Now it's time to stretch and get ready for a little Team-in-Training fundraising tonight. One of our tri team members is having a birthday party/fundraiser tonight so I will go stop in and enjoy the company of the fellow tri team for some food and fun. Hope everyone had a great Saturday of racing and training.

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