Saturday, April 3, 2010

3-Day Weekend

Today was a wonderful start to a 3-day weekend away from the office. It has also been a great week of training. We are officially nearing the half-way mark in our training plan and with the exception of the knee bug, things are going really well. I am becoming more and more comfortable in the pool every session and I am loving the bike. I feel like I am making great strides to a successful first triathlon experience.

Today I went for a mid-morning swim at the Downtown YMCA and then went to my parent's house to spend some time with the family. The swim went really well and the pool wasn't busy so it was a double bonus. It was nice to get out of the city and spend some time in small town USA. I miss the small town atmosphere from time to time. I think I would go crazy if I lived there, but it's a nice break from OKC. My brother also had a baseball game in Ninnekah so we went and watched him play and I got to see him hit his 2nd home run of his career. After their win, we went to my old place of employment during high school and had some dinner. It's was just a really nice day overall and now I am refreshed and ready for a great weekend.

Saturday is our group workout with Team-in-Training and we are returning to Lake Stanley Draper for a little brick practice. We are going to bike for an hour and then run a couple of miles to work on our transition from the bike to run. I am hoping the knee holds out. It will be the first time I have run on it since last Monday. It feels better, but you never know until you get out there and try it out. I am also trying out some new Rock Tape that I bought recently and see if it helps with the knee pain.

Only one more week until the official race season begins. I am signed up for the Redbud 33-mile bike race and the Redbud 10k run next Saturday and Sunday. I picked up my run bib and chip yesterday and will get my bike number sometime this week. I am extremely excited to get out and race again. Hopefully it's a healthy, happy week ahead. Happy training everyone. I will check back in with you soon.

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