Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Workout x 2

Wow, what a beautiful day here in the big OKC! Mid-50s, sunshine, and no wind. It was absolutely perfect running weather. The only drawback was that today was group swim today at OCCC so I knew my time outside would be limited. So, as all avid runners would do, I snuck in a run after work before my scheduled swim. I bolted through the door after work, put on my gear, and headed out to hit the pavement. There were tons of people out in the neighborhood walking dogs, riding bikes, playing with the kids, and just enjoying the sunshine. It was so great to run in shorts and a t-shirt again. I could really get used to this kind of weather. Bad news bears though. The wind will start tomorrow. Ugh, wind. I hate wind. Absolutely hate it. Oh well, I can't complain with temps projected to be in the 60s for this weekend. Bring on spring!

After running 2.23 miles in the neighborhood, I jumped in the shower real quick, changed clothes, and headed out to the pool. In the process I also managed to toast a mini-bagel and slather on some devilishly delicious White Chocolate Peanut Butter. Let me tell you folks. That is some prime time stuff. If you have never tried it and you are addicted to peanut butter like me, you really need to grab you a jar. I didn't say it was healthy. I just said it was good. It's one of my new guilty pleasures. Some people have ice cream. I have peanut butter.

The swim tonight went surprisingly well. I shared a lane with my normal lane buddy, Mark, and we knocked out a nice 1000 meter workout. It was quick, fairly painless, and I left feeling like I am making progress. The calf cramps are still a little troubling, but hopefully with more time in the pool my ankles will loosen up a bit and relieve some of the pressure on my calf muscles. I have been trying to do ankle stretches at my desk at work so maybe that will swing the tide in my favor. Other than the cramps late in my cool-down it was a good night in the pool. Swimming success, kinda.

I really enjoy the group workouts with TNT. It's just a real solid group of people and I feel comfortable around them. I have only known them for a month now, but it's been a great month of working together towards a common goal. I really foresee myself making some really great friends out of this experience so that will just be icing on the cake.

I also want to send out a big thank you to Melvin and Norma Townsend (Amber, OK) for their recent donation to my TNT fundraising efforts. I plan on sending out another wave of e-mails and a training update letter over the next few weeks. Hopefully with another communication push I can get another wave of donations for the LLS. We are making great progress, but we still have a lot of work to do.

Tomorrow is a run day for me and I am really looking forward to getting outside again. The tentative plan is to go get in some weights at the YMCA and then run downtown for 4 or 5 miles depending on how I feel. Friday is another swim day and then Saturday is an 8 mile run and our nutrition clinic. Sunday I am off to Utah for some fun on the slopes. I am looking forward to a great end to the week. Hope everyone has had a great week of training!

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