Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rest and Relaxation

After a week full of fun, it is now time for a weekend of rest and relaxation. I have no big plans and hope that it stays that way so I can catch up around the house and rest up the knee. Hopefully with a few more days off, the knee will be back to normal and I can get out and run again. I have missed my last 3 scheduled runs due to the pesky knee. So far it feels like it is getting better, but until I actually get out there and test it out, you just never know. The motto of this year is to stay healthy so I am taking it easy for a few days to see if we can keep this from being a lingering problem.

I also put in another swim last night after work. It went ok, but not great. I am still dusting off the cobwebs from a pretty busy week so I was pretty happy with my performance. Here is my breakdown of yesterday's workout:

200 meter warm-up
4 x 50 meter drills (fist, one arm, catch-up, zipper)
5 x 100 meter main sets (15 second rest between each)
200 meter warm-down (w/ fins - did drills with fins on)

Nothing on the agenda for today. It was supposed to be my run of 6-8 miles, but since the knee isn't quite up to par I am taking the day off to rest, ice, compress, and elevate. As I speak I have a nice big ice wrap on and just turned on the Big 12 women's basketball tournament. I am hoping for a Cowgirl victory today against the Sooners! Also, I can't wait for Selection Sunday tomorrow to see who we get to watch at the OKC regional. I love this time of year!

For those of you in OKC, I am having a happy hour/fundraiser/birthday party at Midtown Deli on Thursday, March 25th. Midtown Deli has agreed to donate 20% of sales to my fundraising efforts. Please come out and have some food, drinks, and hang out. It should be a great time!

You can also still donate at my website. Donations have slowed down a bit and we have a lot of work left to do. Let's kick cancer to the curb and find a cure!

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