Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Bike Record and Brooks Love

Hello friends! Great weekend here in OKC if you forget the weather on Saturday. I was supposed to do the March in Okarche duathlon, but the knee was a no-go. Turns out the weather was brutal so maybe it was God smiling down on me and sparing me the misery of a run/bike/run in miserable conditions. Everything happens for a reason, right?

Saturday was a very, very lazy day for me. I managed to get coffee, watch a lot of basketball, and do laundry. That was pretty much my day. I did throw in some stretching and some strengthening exercises at home, but let's not get carried away here. I was a lazy bum. I think it did the body, mind, and soul good though. I needed a day off after a very packed last 2 weeks.

Today was our Team-in-Training triathlon group ride. We met at 3 PM at Schlegel's and our group was pretty small compared to most of our other rides. We only had 6 in our group for this ride which allowed us to push the pace a bit harder and have a little more one-on-one time with the coaches. I took the opportunity to get in a little tutorial on how I should approach hills, what cadence I should be using, and how/when to shift gears. It was great to get some instruction because I am very green on the bike. I haven only ridden a handful of times and hearing someone tell me how to approach hills, how to come out of hills, what cadence I should be shooting for, and when/how I should push my limits was definitely good to hear.

For our ride today, we went east from downtown OKC and caught the Katy Trail that runs parallel to I-35 until you reach the OKC Zoo area. At that point, we hopped onto the service road of I-35 and continued north until we hit Hefner Road. At that point we said our goodbyes to Steve as he continued his commute home and the rest of us turned around for trip back to home base. The route we took today allowed us to experience some hills and was a nice change from the OK River trails I have been using the past few weeks. The downside was that the Katy Trail was littered with tree limbs and broken glass so you definitely had to pay attention so you didn't puncture a tire. Today was also a new personal record on the bike for me. My Garmin clocked us in at 23.12 miles. It definitely made me feel a little more comfortable about the Redbud 33 miler that I signed up for in 2 weeks. Sure hope the weather holds out for that one. I am not betting on it though.

This weekend also allowed me to FINALLY use one of the perks of the Brooks ID program. I haven't really had a chance to participate in any local races yet due to the nagging injuries, but I did get a chance to log in to the Brooks Pro site and buy some gear! I am a Brooks freak so the fact that I can go in and buy my favorite running gear at a steep discount is always a plus in my book. I loaded up on some running tees, shorts, socks, and a new pair of core shorts because I am a firm believer in wearing something tight under my shorts when I run. Hopefully I can go back in and buy a new pair of kicks and some other stuff over the next few months, but for now, plan on seeing me in all of my new Brooks love on a trail near you soon.

I also took the opportunity to stock up on KT Tape and Clif shots for the next few months since I know I will be needing my fair share as the training hours get longer and the weather turns warmer. I actually just applied some KT Tape to my knee and we will see how it goes the next few days. A quick first glance is that it seems to be working like a charm. I think I will give the old knee a few more days of rest and then try to run again later in the week. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I really want to get back out there and run. I mean, swimming and biking have been going well, but let's face it. I love running. I really need to run soon.

Have a great Sunday night folks. Hope everyone has a great start to the work week. Talk to you again soon!


  1. In my opinion, in a tri, its all about the bike, not just because its the longest part of the race, but its about coming off the bike fresh, setting it up for the run.

  2. I have heard that from several people actually. Hope I can kill the bike portion! It's in Austin so a little hillier than OKC, but we will make it work.