Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Bike Ride

Finally! After nearly a month of sitting in my apartment unused, I finally took the new bike out for a spin. The weather wasn't ideal but the ground was clear so that was enough for me.

I bought a Saris Bones 2 rack for my little Mazda 3 and today was the first time I actually put it on my car. I tried and tried to get my bike into my trunk with the back seats laid down, but I finally had to break down and buy the rack instead. I contemplated getting several different brands, but after spending so much money the last few weeks on tri gear, I decided to go with the budget friendly rack for now. The initial set up was pretty simple and it was surprisingly very sturdy. I do have some concerns about the direct contact of the rack with my car. If I don't keep my car clean, it could cause quite a few scratches when in use.

After securing my bike to my car, I made the short drive over to Lake Hefner and put on the rest of my cycling gear. This was also my first time to wear all of my new cycling schwag. I used my Brooks LSD Thermal jacket as my outer layer and had my long-sleeve cycling jersey underneath it. On my bottom half I opted for my 2XU triathlon shorts so I could get used to them for my race. I also layered on some tights underneath my shorts and off I went for my maiden voyage.

All in all, I would say it was successful first ride. I managed to not kill myself, although I did come close a few times. I haven't quite mastered the technique of grabbing the water bottle and drinking on the go. I also need to get more comfortable in my riding position on the bike. Oddly enough my forearms started to ache the most during my ride. I guess it's because I was gripping the handlebars so tight for fear that I might fly off the bike at any second. The thought did occur to me that it would hurt really, really bad if I were to fall off my bike. I averaged about 16 mph for the ride, but went over 20 mph on several occasions. All I know is that a lot of skin would be left on the pavement if I lost focus and wrecked. OUCH! I don't want to think about that anymore.

Sunday, Feb 7th - 13.01 miles in 48:21 (16.01 pace)

So, another successful workout today that should carry me nicely into triathlon training when it begins on Tuesday. Monday is a scheduled rest day and I definitely could use one. My lower back is a little sore and the Achilles needs a break for a day or two. I am definitely looking forward to the week ahead. Now back to the Super Bowl as I enjoy my delicious meal :
This was my first attempt at taboule and I will have to say it's not too shabby. I think it will become another staple in my fridge.

Oh yeah, go check out Allie's giveaway over at She is giving away some BondiBands this week.

Also, a big thank you to Bridgette Hall (Mustang, OK) who joined me in my fight against cancer by donating today! $740 raised and counting!


  1. Good job on your ride. Dinner looks delicious.
    Oh and thanks for the link love!

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