Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stepping It Up Again

Slowly, but surely I am making my way up the mileage ladder once again.

Yesterday was my final doctor visit for my Achilles tendonitis problems that arose late in my marathon training. I hadn't officially been cleared to do my full training schedule yet, but as we all know, I am a few weeks into my triathlon training and have already started back to running at least 2 times a week. The doctor visit was productive and I told the doc I had already been running, swimming, and biking and he smiled like he never expected anything different from me. He had me do some stretches, flexes, and pressure tests to see how the Achilles would respond. All in all, he said that the abnormalities and tightness had healed up nicely except for one area on my upper Achilles where it attaches to the calf muscle. He told me that if it wasn't bothering me during my training that I could proceed as planned, but the minute it started hurting I needed to stop all running. He told me to be smart, only increase mileage slowly, and don't try to increase speed for the time being. Hopefully it's the last time I have to see him for a while.

Yesterday was also swim day again. I went over to the CHK Fitness center and got in a decent 700 meter workout. It wasn't quite as smooth as Wednesday, but I didn't have my lane buddies with me like I do on group swim night. I still am working on the breathing and trying to perfect my kick. I still try to kick from my knees too much, but I am making progress. I also finally remembered to buy ear plugs which are going to be a very welcome addition to my swims.

Today was my next step up the mileage ladder. Our tri group opted for a group run today instead of a bike because the weather was less than ideal. It was a cold, wet run but one that went off without a hitch. The body felt great and my legs felt strong. I took it fairly easy today and have really been trying to adopt the philosophy of just running and having fun. I am trying to not obsess over mileage and pace so much this year. I took a few breaks and chit-chatted with some of the other TNT runners at the water stops and just generally had a good time. I definitely realize time and time again that running is definitely my favorite of the triathlon disciplines.

Another big thanks to my mom and dad. They sent a check in the mail in response to my fundraising letter. I now have a total of $1086 raised for my Team-in-Training campaign. Thanks again Team! It's a bike day tomorrow if the weather cooperates. Otherwise I will be doing the stationary or going to Schlegel's for a trainer workout. Good night everyone!

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