Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring, is that you?

Amazing Saturday weather here in OKC! I definitely am catching spring fever after a great workout at Lake Hefner today. I loved all the snow this winter, but I am ready for something new. It's time for some good outdoor weather so I can get in some workouts on my bike.

This week has been pretty hit and miss for me on the workout side of things. I did get in my Tuesday bike workout at the gym, but our Wednesday group swim was not on the schedule this week because the OCCC pool was being used for the Mountain West conference swimming and diving championships. Thursday was our work party for being named the #34 best company to work for in the US by Fortune magazine. Free drinks, free food, and hanging out with work friends sure did make up for missing my workout though. Plus, my Achilles was pretty tender after running 8 miles last weekend so an extra day or two off wasn't a bad thing. Pretty good timing actually.

Today was our group workout with TNT and we went out to Lake Hefner and joined forces with our cycling friends for a group ride. We started at 11 AM so that meant I got a much needed day of sleeping in and catching up on my ZZZs. The weather was nearly perfect which was good because I ran off and forgot my buff headband, gloves, and tights. It was a bit chilly at first, but after we got a few miles into the ride I was doing pretty good minus the cold hands. The ride was pretty easy because the trails were so busy that you never could push yourself and get out and run. It was definitely nice to get out and make myself more comfortable on the bike and continue building those relationships with my Team members. After our 18-19 mile ride, we hopped off and changed shoes and hit the trails for a quick 2 mile run. We are slowly getting our legs used to running after biking to mimic the triathlon. All in all, a great day at the lake and I can't wait for even nicer weather. It's time for spring, March Madness, and my birthday! March is a great month :-)

I also need to extend a big thank you to Melissa Masters (Bixby, OK), Sharon Guthrie (Chickasha, OK), and Harvey Nye (Norman, OK) for their donations the past few days. With those 3 donations we have now raised $1400! Great job team! Let's keep up the great work! I also will be adding 3 race-day honorees to my list after receiving a very sweet note from Sharon Guthrie listing 3 of her friends who have been affected by blood cancer: Cole Tilley, Kay Rasmussen, and Julia Ridge.

Thank you to everyone for a great week. Now it's time to finish watching my O-State Cowboys dismantle Kansas on the hardwood. Hopefully we can pull off a big upset victory at Gallagher-Iba Arena. Go Pokes!

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