Saturday, February 13, 2010


So, apparently I am not the smoothest bike rider in the world! Ha, I never claimed to be good at any of this tri stuff, but I am continuing to learn. Hopefully these TNT coaches will have me whipped into shape by the time I make the trip to Austin. Lord help me if I fall on the course like I did today. Ha, it was rather funny and of course I had to do it when everyone was stopped and just hanging out. Then, to top it all off, I did it again about 5 minutes later. Yep, you heard that right. I fell down twice today. Apparently when you try to turn your bike you should have both feet unclipped from your pedals. Also, when you try to get started on a hill, you should probably shift down into an easier gear to get some momentum before trying to clip into your pedals. Both times I fell to the left and banged up my knee pretty nicely. I also managed to knock one of the handlebar end caps off my bike so I guess I need to find a replacement at some point. Apart from the two falls, the bike ride was pretty successful. I really, really need to work getting in and out of my pedals.

The bike clinic this morning was very helpful as well. We learned how to change a flat, road etiquette, and some tips on hydration. Apparently I picked a bike that had really tight tires so mine was a bit more of a struggle than I had hoped. I fought with my tire for several minutes before I finally had to ask one of the mechanics at Schlegel's to help me get it back on the rim. The plan is to NEVER get a flat in a race because it will take me forever to get back on the road again.

The rest of the day has been very relaxing which is just what the doctor ordered. I really needed a break and am looking forward to getting up early and running with the Landrunners in the morning. I think I am going to run 6-8 miles depending on how I feel. It's been a while since I have increased my mileage, but with the OKC half marathon only 10 weeks out, I really need to start getting prepared.

Good luck to everyone running Austin tomorrow morning! I sure wish I was there with you.

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