Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It's official! I am now registered for the 2010 Bank of America Chicago marathon on Oct 10th, 2010!!! 10/10/10 in the Windy City. I am very, very excited. It will be marathon #2 and I am definitely looking forward to another successful run. My friend Katie has also taken the plunge with me and we are going to show Chicago what these Okie runners are made of this October. It will be great to have a partner in crime so we can motivate each other on those days when you just don't want to go train. Plus, we will be training in the dead heat of an Oklahoma summer and this boy doesn't like heat. It will be a great challenge and one I will embrace with open arms. More details to come about goals, expectations, travel plans, training plans, etc. It sounds like a lot of Oklahoma and Texas runners are making the trip so I hope to meet up with some of my cyber buddies while we are in town.

Great news on the Team-in-Training front as well! I finally got around to sending out my fundraising e-mail to my coworkers and I had a very positive response. I was asked several questions about my training, my motivation, my sanity, and everything in between today. It was overwhelming how many people mentioned it to me at the office. It made me very appreciative of where I work and I am excited people are interested in donating and following along the next 16 weeks. Big shout outs to Doug Callaway (OKC), Curt Dewbre (OKC), Jon Terrell (OKC), and Brian and Jaime Tatro (Edmond, OK) for donating today. You helped me raise $415 and put us one step closer to a cure. I also will be racing in honor of Brian Tatro's father who lost his battle with leukemia seven years ago. Thank you once again for everything today. I feel truly blessed.

I am now headed out to Angel Fire, New Mexico, for a few days to go skiing. No blog updates for a few days, but I will return to full force next week when the 16 week countdown to CapTex Tri officially begins. The training plan is uploaded, now it's just time to perform. It should be a great few months!

Monday, Feb 1st : Ran 3.0 miles in 27:55 (9:18 pace)

Tuesday, Feb 2nd : Stationary bike for 35 minutes (10.23 miles)


  1. Way to go, I would love to do a destination marathon when I finally decide to take the plunge. I'm still a little scared of a marathon, I have to wait and see how my half goes. Have fun skiing!

  2. Congrats on your new commitment! Have a great ski trip.

  3. Looking forward to seeing you in Chi-Town! It will be my 2nd marathon too!