Friday, February 5, 2010

Canceled Ski Trip

As I am writing this, I am supposed to be sore, tired, and achy from skiing all day. Mother Nature had different plans though. I left yesterday morning for Angel Fire, New Mexico, and drove right into nasty roads, thick fog, and very little cell reception. Since I told myself I wasn't going to be the story on the evening news before I left, I made an educated decision and turned the car around and headed back to OKC.

Yesterday I made it almost to Amarillo, Texas, before I made the judgment call. Driving 30 mph on I-40 that had been reduced to one lane because of the snow was not my idea of a good road trip. I still had over 300 miles to go and I didn't think the little state highways in remote areas of TX and NM would be a good place to be stranded by myself. I was disappointed in not being able to make the trip, but I am going to make the best of my time in OKC this weekend. Turn lemons into lemonade, right?

Today I went home and visited my family. I hadn't been down to my parents house since Christmas and my mom was off work so I figured I might as well take advantage of the day off. Mom helped proofread my fundraising letter for Team-in-Training and I rummaged through her address book for all those addresses I would have had if I was good about keeping up with people not on the internet. All in all, I put together 32 letters to be mailed out to friends and family as I continue to reach for my $3,000 goal. During the process I also updated the handy dandy address book I purchased last night when I got back to OKC. Now if I can just find a place in my apartment where it won't get swallowed up and lost like my last one.

I also managed to get in a pretty decent swim this morning at the Downtown YMCA. It's nice to be able to go to the gym at 9:45 when the only people there are retired people who don't care what you look like, how bad you swim, or the fact that you spit out half the pool every time you finish a lap. Yep, swimming was more of a struggle today than I wanted it to be, but the fact that I got in the water on a day when I was supposed to be on vacation was victory enough for me. Now I will settle into bed for the evening so I can join up with the TNT group for our group run. Here is my fantastic new Brooks gear that I will be donning in the morning.

I just received my new Brooks Trance 9 shoes and my HVAC mesh hat. Both are very sharp and look to be like my new best friends. If only I had waited 2 more days to order them through my new Brooks ID site!

Happy training everyone. Hope your long runs go well this weekend!

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  1. Sweet shoes! Have a great weekend! (Sorry about your cancelled ski plans. that sucks)