Friday, February 12, 2010

Busy 1st Week of Training

I can't believe it's been all week and I haven't even posted any updates. Needless to say, my evenings have been consumed with training and post-training festivities. It's been a great first week of training and only 15 more to go!

Monday was my scheduled rest day so I took the opportunity to send out thank you cards to everyone who has donated up to this point. I have been very grateful for each and every donation. Special thanks to Bridgette Hall (Mustang, OK), Richard Easterly (Edomond, OK), and Roger and Beverly Sloan (Amber, OK) for donating since my last update. My fundraising total has now reached $890 and I am very pleased with my progress. I will be doing another e-mail/Facebook/letter blitz over the next couple of weeks to update people on my progress. Hopefully I can get a few more donations between now and then.

Tuesday was a scheduled bike workout so I went to Schlegel's in downtown OKC for a Spinervals class with a few of my TNT mates and several other local cyclists. It was my first time on a trainer and I have to say that I may be hooked. I really would love to get one for my house, but with all the other expenses of the triathlon I may have to wait until after training is over. The class was a great workout and I think I will probably make it a Tuesday ritual until the weather warms up and I can ride outside.

Wednesday was another group swim night and our first real structured workout with a main set, combined with drills. I have to be honest, it kicked my butt. I really struggled in the main sets where we had to swim continuously. My breathing technique is really bad so it makes it harder for me to stay in rhythm and swim relaxed. I managed to struggle through all of my sets and drills and left the pool a bit discouraged, but determined to get better. I do see progress, but I am not where I hoped to be so I guess I need to work a bit harder.

Thursday was my run day and I got in a quick 3 miles at the CHK fitness center before I hustled off to bowling with my work friends. The run was actually really easy which was good news and the Achilles seems to be holding up really well. I am planning on trying to squeeze in a 6 mile run this weekend so I can start increasing my mileage heading into my half marathon training. My basic plan is to just substitute my half marathon runs for my scheduled triathlon runs and hopefully I can get back into running shape fairly quickly. The new Brooks Trance 9 shoes are top notch. I am really enjoying the new pair. I am hoping to receive my Brooks I.D. race gear soon and I will post pics as soon as it arrives.

Tonight was my 2nd swim workout of the week and I snuck in a good 30 minute swim at the CHK fitness center. I really concentrated on my breathing this workout and felt I made a little progress. The main sets were a bit easier and towards the end of my workout, breathing on my right side became more productive. I am still struggling with breathing on my left side, but hopefully I can master both over time.

Now, I am finally take a break and soaking in the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. It's nice to have a chance to sit down and relax a bit. Another busy weekend ahead with a bike clinic, bike workout, and a run workout scheduled around brunch with some great friends on Sunday. I really hope everyone had a great week. I will be better at staying on top of my blog now that I know how my schedule is going to go for the next 15 weeks.

Thanks for keeping up and happy training to everyone getting ready for spring marathons. It's been very exciting reading everyone's progress. Good luck to those running Austin this weekend too. I will be cheering for you from home!

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