Thursday, January 28, 2010

TNT Group Swim

The fundraising site is up and ready for donations! Here is the link for anyone who is interested:

I have also put up a link on my blog's homepage if you want to come back later and not search around for this blog post. Easy, accessible, and for a great cause!

Last night was our first group swim of the training season. We will be meeting every Wednesday at Oklahoma City Community College to go over drills, receive instruction, and build camaraderie. Naturally, everyone was a bit nervous for the first workout, but everyone's minds were put at ease when we all jumped in the water and realized we weren't alone in our struggle.

I could definitely tell the classes at work had helped, but apparently swimming for swimming's sake is different from swimming for a triathlon. I was getting harped on left and right for not kicking enough at the work class, and one of the first things Ryan mentioned to me was that I was kicking too much. It's nice to get a triathletes perspective and learn proper technique that is more sport specific. Ryan gave me several pointers and sent me on my way to do drills to reduce my kick frequency, start my kick from my hips, and keep my head lower in the water. I did receive positive feedback on my stroke length so I have something to build on for next week. I do feel a lot more comfortable in the water compared to 3 weeks ago, so progress is being made. The technique and endurance will come. I have no doubts I will put in the time and effort to become a decent swimmer.

At the end of the workout, we had a little fun as well. Ryan and Megan split us up into 3 teams and we did a 25m relay race followed by a couple of mock mass starts. The mass starts are going to be interesting to say the least. Basically we all just jumped in one lane and started swimming at the same time to get used to the hysteria in the water at the start of the race. It was actually quite fun and I am sure it will be a weekly ritual for our group. All in all, I was extremely pleased with the group workout. It was great to hang out with everyone and start building those relationships.

After leaving the pool, I joined up with two of our coaches for some beer and dessert at Hideaway. Megan was the benefactor of the Hideaway's benefit night so 15% of their sales went to her fundraising efforts for the Mardi Gras marathon next month. We did our part and spent a little money to help out. It was great listening to their stories and picking up on things that I can apply to my own journey. They both have very lofty goals and plan to push themselves hard this year. I admire that in someone who is pushing me towards my own set of goals. It takes a lot of time and dedication to pursue your own endurance sport goals. It takes a love for the cause and the sport to push other people to their goals at the same time. Kudos to them for giving back. I know I am very appreciative.

It looks like weekend workouts will have to be postponed due to weather. It actually might work out pretty well for me. Our bike clinic was supposed to be next weekend, but may get pushed back a week now. I have plans to go skiing in Angel Fire, New Mexico, next weekend and the bike clinic is one thing I don't want to miss. I am clueless about a lot of things pertaining to the triathlon so any educational session I can attend will make me much more comfortable. Off to bed for now. Even though our offices are closed for the weather, the NYMEX doesn't work on Oklahoma inclement weather schedules. I will be up and at it early in the morning logging in from home. My PJs will be much more comfortable than dress slacks though!

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