Saturday, January 23, 2010

Team-in-Training is a GO!

Today was a great Saturday. I officially signed the dotted line to help fight blood cancer and will be training for my very first triathlon along the way. I am now a TNT Oklahoma member!

When I first started looking at joining up with TNT, I was looking at it as a way to get into the sport of triathlons with the support of coaches, team members, and resources to succeed. It was purely selfish and something I am embarrassed to admit. This is my blog though and I like to be honest with my blogger friends. At the information meeting last Tuesday, my train of thought started to shift as I watched a video of the impact the money raised through this program has on the lives of those affected by these illnesses. Today was just the final tipping point. Meeting true heroes who have fought and won the battle with cancer really puts everything into perspective. You are raising this money and participating in these events for them. It's not about me anymore, it's about the survivors, the fighters, and anyone who has been affected by blood cancers.

The kickoff meeting today was a great start to what will be an amazing 17 weeks. We were introduced to heroes who have beaten blood cancer and met the members who we will be sharing the sweat, pain, and joy with along the way. My group consists of ten volunteers, 3 coaches, and a couple of mentors to help motivate us along the way. Ryan Ellis, Megan McKee, and Steve Schlegel will be there to teach us how to swim, bike, and run our way to a great finish. I am excited about getting to know my fellow team members and expect many memories and lasting friendships will be created along the way.

After a large group meeting with marathoners, cyclists, and triathletes all grouped together, we broke off into our respective sports to go over our training plans in more detail and to get a better idea of what to expect as we continue on the road to the CapTex Tri. I have signed up for the Olympic distance triathlon so I will be swimming 1.5k (.93 miles), biking 40k (24.8 miles), and running 10k (6.2 miles) on my way to my first triathlon finish. Ryan laid out a sample training plan for us and it looks doable, but will definitely eat up a lot of time as we get further along. Wednesdays are going to be our group swim days and then we will do brick workouts on the weekends where we combine two disciplines and practice transitions. During the rest of the week, we will be expected to do training sessions on our own time and raise money along the way. We will also have clinics that will teach us bike maintenance, etiquette, gear needs, nutrition, and a slew of other topics. We will also have group happy hours each month to continue to create those bonds between team members. The goal of the TNT program is to raise money and to keep fostering relationships that will continue to expand their reach and impact. I am very excited about the entire process and can't wait to get started.

Over the next few days I should be getting my fundraising website set up and I will provide a link to those of you who may be interested in donating. I also plan to do some promotional type things to help entice people to donate so I will fill you in on the details when I get it all set up.

On another note, I had my 3rd swimming class today and it was great. I am becoming more and more comfortable in the water with each session. Today I got a lot of positive feedback from the coach and he acknowledged that I had made tremendous improvement in just 3 weeks. Our group swims with TNT start this week so I already have a built-in workout on Wednesday and my final class at work is Saturday. Swimming is slowly becoming easier. Thank goodness for adult swim improvement classes :-)

Oh yeh, almost forgot, I ran 3 miles yesterday and it felt great. Progress my friends!


  1. Good for you, it's nice to have a purpose to run (and bike and swim). Glad to hear your 3 miles went well too, keep up the good work and best of luck to you in your training.
    And it doesn't matter what got you to TNT, you're there now and you're going to make a difference, so kudos to you.

  2. Thanks for your visit, way to go with Team In Training, I've been tempted many times but have not committed.