Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Short Update

Not much time to write tonight, but at least wanted to say hi and let everyone know that all is going well.

I attended the Team-In-Training (TNT) meeting on Tuesday and felt really good about the program. I got a good vibe from the people in attendance and am pretty confident I can meet the minimum fund raising goal if I am persistent. Please don't hate me if you get bombarded with blog posts requesting money :-)

I went for another run yesterday and had another pleasant experience. It seems like the Achilles is holding up nicely. No pain before, during, or after runs. Physical therapy did kick my butt on Monday, but it was a great workout and was a good test. It will be my last session for quite some time hopefully, although I really enjoyed my therapist. I will definitely request her next time I have a PT need. Again, hopefully that is not anytime soon!

Also, went for another mid-week swim workout. I spent 50 minutes at the pool after work and managed to get in quite a few drills with the fins on. It sure makes it easier to work on your technique when you aren't huffing for air. I still can't quite get the breathing down when I am doing my freestyle, but it is getting better. Baby steps. Two more weeks of classes and then I will be joining up with the TNT coaches.

Kickoff meeting for the TNT tri program is Saturday so I will report back with full details and give everyone a link to my site if you wish to donate. Every little bit helps and it goes to a great cause. Happy training everyone!


  1. That's great, I can't wait to read all about it. Keep up the good work and glad you're recovering nicely.