Wednesday, January 6, 2010's getting cold outside

16 for a high?!? When does that ever happen in Oklahoma? Well it is going to happen Thursday and Friday this week. Talk about cold! Good thing I like cold weather because that is bordering on ridiculous in this area.

It's been a busy few days since I last wrote. Work has been nothing short of hectic and the old wheels have been turning in my head with ideas and goals.

First things first, I went to physical therapy again on Monday and it was another very productive session. My therapist showed me several new stretches and functional exercises to use and also gave me some ultrasound therapy on my Achilles. It felt awesome and I may go back one more time just to get ultrasound. She also took measurements of my degrees of flexibility and I added 2 degrees in the short span of a week. I guess that stretching routine really does work wonders if you stick to the plan. My doctor appointment is Friday so I will see what he says and will probably start gradually adding back running to the exercise routine. It's been too long since I have ran!

Another exciting development that I have been hiding for a few weeks now, is that I have officially signed up for adult swim improvement classes. They start this coming Saturday and will be 4 weeks long. The class will meet every Saturday from 12 to 12:45. I am not 100% sure what all we will be doing but I am pretty excited about them. Swimming will be a great addition to my training schedules and puts me one step closer to my triathlon goal.

Continuing on the triathlon topic, I am also going to look for a bike this weekend if time permits. My goal is to find a bike and purchase it within 2 weeks. I have a general idea of what I want, but I want to visit a couple of different specialty shops and get their opinion. Plus, our company gets a nice 15% discount at one of the local dealers so I am sure I will end up buying from there. They carry mostly Specialized brand road bikes so that is probably what I will end up with for now.

Another note to mention, I have signed up for a Team-in-Training meeting on Jan 19th. I had a good friend from college go through the TNT program for her first triathlon and thoroughly enjoyed the journey. I am leaning heavily towards signing up with them for my first triathlon and have tentatively set my sights on the Capital of Texas triathlon in Austin, Texas, on May 31st. I think that will give me plenty of time to get the swimming gig down if I decide to do it. I should know more about that in the next few weeks. The only downside of doing the triathlon that I can see is that I will probably have to skip the OKC Memorial races. I could still possibly do the half marathon if my body was willing, but I'm not sure. I guess I could do the relay too, but who knows. There are too many moving pieces at the moment.

The most exciting thing that I have been keeping from everyone is something my Mom did last week. She sent me a text at work and informed me of her decision to run a relay leg in the OKC Memorial race in April! I was brought to tears thinking about it. If my running played any role in this decision for her, it makes everything I have done the past year worth every aching minute. I am so happy for her and can't wait to help her through this process. My mom is turning 52 this month and has not ran in many, many years. I found the couch to 5k program that fits her best and will be her moral support the entire way. One positive note about maybe missing out on the race myself is that I can be on the sidelines cheering her on just like she did for me in Dallas on my first marathon adventure. I hope she falls in love with running just like I have so we can run together for years to come.

Off the computer for now. Time to bundle up and get ready for the cold! No running for me this week still, but I have been substituting the elliptical and stationary bike for the running I should be doing on my post-marathon recovery schedule. I feel fit, happy, and ready for another challenge. More updates soon!


  1. That's awesome about your mom, I love finding out that I inspired someone to try running, every person counts.

  2. Best of luck to you with the swim class and your therapy. I am inspired reading the part about your mom!! I would be in absolute heaven if my mom ever did that. Very cool.

  3. Awesome! Way to inspire your mom!!! Your pride was probably how I felt when my won wanted to do a triathlon after I did mine!!! No better compliment :) Have a great weekend!