Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So it's been a few days...

Wow, I look down and it's been a full week since I last posted. I seriously haven't been doing anything too exciting, but I have been busy. It seems like since I got home from Dallas, it has been non-stop Christmas parties, food, and time not spent at home. Being Christmas, it seems like everyone has the sudden urge to come visit us for work. I am not sure the reasoning behind it, but whatever. At some point in the whole month of December I stopped answering questions from customers that started with "Are you guys available...." or "Do you have plans on the....". I got partied out. There are only so many nights in a week and every night can't be filled with another dinner out on the town. I seriously, no joke, have gained almost 5 pounds the last week. I guess it's good that I feel really motivated to keep the cardio work going!

Nothing much on the run schedule the past week and a half. I took a full week off from running after the marathon and I think it did the body good. It wasn't necessarily a conscious decision to take a full week but it worked out that way with all the above mentioned parties and traveling.

My first run since White Rock was yesterday. I went to the gym and logged a quick 2 miles on the treadmill to see how I felt. The calf muscles were surprisingly still pretty tight so it wasn't the most enjoyable run I have ever had. Plus, it felt like it was 97 degrees in the gym so I was abnormally sweaty after such a short run. The Achilles did act up after the run so I think I will schedule some physical therapy appointments the next couple of weeks and limit my running to a couple miles at a time. I do plan on keeping the elliptical and stationary bikes busy in the meantime as well. I definitely don't want to lose the cardio base I have going at the moment. Hopefully the Achilles is a quick fix and I can get back to a full running schedule fairly soon.

I am currently working on a list of goals/resolutions/plans for 2010 and I will post those when I get it all finalized. There are some very exciting things coming up in 2010 and I am ready to tackle them head-on. Have a great Christmas everyone. I don't think I will have internet access until this weekend so no new posts until then. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21st : 2.0 miles in 19:25 (9:42 pace)

Tuesday, December 22nd : 11.65 miles in 40 minutes on the stationary bike

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