Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas, blizzards, and rest

It's been a pretty eventful week around OKC. What started out as a chance for a little snow turned into a full fledged blizzard. I am a huge fan of winter and snow so it was a very welcome addition to our Christmas celebration this year. It does tend to put a damper on getting out and doing anything physical, but it's good for the soul to enjoy time inside by the fire while it snows outside.

Not a lot to report on running-wise this week. I am on the lookout for a good cross-training/strength-training plan for the offseason. I have signed up for Training Peaks online, but have not purchased an actual workout yet. I am consulting our fitness center at work first to see if they would help me build a plan from scratch, but if not, I will look at purchasing a program online. The Achilles has been quite tender the last few days so I went ahead and scheduled a physical therapy session for Tuesday and will see if I can get some pointers on exercises and stretches that will be beneficial. I also am going to continue the less running, more cross-training philosophy for a few more weeks until I feel comfortable adding back in more miles. Hopefully all is well by late January, early February and I can start training for the OKC Memorial Half Marathon.

I am also narrowing down the lists of goals/resolutions for 2010 and will list them this week or next after I finalize them. I am getting excited already!

Here are a few pics from Blizzard 2009 in OKC. 14.1 inches of snow! An all-time record for a 24 hour period in OKC and the 3rd largest snowfall in OKC history. It was quite amazing to watch. Glad I didn't have to get out and drive in it like some people because the thought of spending the night in your car on the side of the interstate was not very appealing.

View outside my back door...this mini-drift was meeting me when I opened the door (south side of the apt)
Shared entry-way of our 4-plex apartment's a bit drafty if you can't tell (faces north)

Out front of our apartment building...casualty number one of the drifts blocking the driveways

Casualty number 2 of the drifts...I had to help dig this one out before I could leave for my parents house the next day....a dustpan makes a pretty decent shovel!

Looking out the back door at our parking car didn't stand a chance against the snow drifts on this day
We are finally melting away all the mess from the Christmas Eve snowstorm. There is a chance of snow this week too, but I highly doubt we get anything close to this again anytime soon. It may be another 20 years before we see this kind of snow again.

Christmas was great this year as well. My family has boarded the running gift train and I got all kinds of good cold-weather running gear which will come in handy when training for the OKC Memorial gets into full swing in, it's great base layer gear for skiing..hopefully that will happen sometime soon too!

Back to laundry and cleaning up around the house...only 3 days of work this week and then we are Arlington bound for the Cotton Bowl. Go Pokes! Beat Ole Miss!

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