Saturday, November 14, 2009

Days 96-97 : Long Run Fail

Yep, it happened. Finally. My first real major disappointment of the marathon training season. I tried to get out and do my 14 mile scheduled long run this morning and failed misreably. About 2 miles in, my left Achilles sent me a very loud message "STOP!". It shot a sharp pain through my body and I immediately put on the brakes. I was already concerned that it would be a problem because last night when I was walking around the house it locked up on me and was pretty painful. It was almost like someone had twisted it in a knot. It was alarming because I really didn't do anything to it like step wrong or climb a stair or anything. I was just walking around picking up around the house and BAM! I thought I would give today a shot and see how it felt. I went in knowing this run could be very disappointing, but I knew I had to stop if it was painful. I am too close to do anything stupid and I am confident if I rest for a few days that I will be good to go. I will assess the situation over the next few days and make a determination on what I will do this upcoming week. It is my peak training week, so if all goes well I will be able to run all 40 miles at a slower pace. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am very bummed out at the moment.

Time to shower and head to Stillwater. Hopefully OSU can cheer me up today. Go Pokes! Beat Tech!

Saturday, November 14th : Long Run cut short....2.0 miles before I had to stop. :-(

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