Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Days 106-108 : Holiday Week

Oh it feels so good to be off work for 4 more days. I could really get used to this 3 day work week thing we have going on here. Wishful thinking!

No real big plans for Thanksgiving. My mom is working so I am going with the Pops down to his folks for Thanksgiving lunch. I don't really plan on staying long so I can get back and watch some football in the comfort of my apartment. The goal for Thanksgiving and beyond is to continue to eat well and taper towards the marathon. I really need to make sure I don't gain any unnecessary weight the last week or two. I am going to have enough strain on the body as it is now.

Yesterday was also my first run since last Wednesday and the disaster I experienced at Lake Hefner. I was really nervous for some reason. I have been stretching and icing like a madman the past week and I think it has helped some. The run was not perfect, but it was doable. I only ran a nice, easy 3 miles just to get back into the swing of things and will now alternate running and cross-training days until the marathon. I really am trying to not push it and just get to the starting line and see where the chips fall.

The pain is not debilitating like I have said before, but it's definitely there. It's more of like a constant dull, burning pain once it starts. I really am leaning towards a case of bursitis in my Achilles region, and not tendonitis. It is definitely aggravated more with pressure on my Achilles region by my shoes. I have been trying to wear Crocs, softer backed shoes, and/or go barefoot when at all possible to help cut down on the inflammation. The time off has definitely made this more of a possibility so that has been helpful. I also am going to schedule a doctor's appointment next week to go get checked and see if the doc can give me any tips or advice to get through the marathon. The goal is to still run the marathon. I think race-day will definitely help the situation and I would be very upset with myself if I didn't at least give it a shot. I would rather try and fail, then not try at all. The only thing that will stop me now is if I further injure myself between now and race day or if the doctor tells me I am stupid for trying. I don't foresee either one of those happening though. I am being as conservative as possible with my running to help promote healing and still maintain fitness.

Off to get some stuff done around the apartment. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24th - 3.0 miles in 29:35 (9:52 pace)

Wednesday, November 25th - 60 minutes of stationary bike in place of running

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