Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 109 : Un-Official Turkey Trot

In honor of all of the Turkey Trots around the country today, I decided I should at least go for a run to join the thousands of other avid runners hitting the streets today. I opted out of the official Turkey Trot here in OKC because I tend to run too hard when I go to races. A nice 4-mile run in the neighborhood was just right.

All in all, the ankle/Achilles wasn't too bad. It still definitely isn't 100% but the run was somewhat encouraging. If it holds up the same over the next 2 weeks, it will make marathon day even more enjoyable. I will continue to follow the extended taper plan for the next 2 weeks and try to ice and stretch as much as possible. All signs are pointing towards a go though. We are moving in the right direction. I will attempt a longer run this weekend and see how it goes. I will go for a 12 mile or 8 mile run depending on how everything holds out. I haven't fully decided what I am doing tomorrow. It is a scheduled rest day, but Saturday is Bedlam in Norman so I won't be able to cross-train then. I think 2 days of rest may not be a bad option anyway. Sunday will be my run day this weekend and hopefully it goes well.

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a great time with family and/or friends. Time for some Texas/Texas A&M football now. We need the Longhorns to win to keep our BCS dreams alive. I will be fired up in Norman on Saturday. ORANGE POWER! BEAT OU!

Thursday, November 26th : 4.01 miles in 34:57 (8:43 pace)

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