Saturday, October 24, 2009

Days 75-76 : Lazy Man

I have been absolutely worthless today. The only time I have been out of the house is to get Starbucks and a Diet DP. It's just been one of those days. I finally had a chance to do nothing on a Saturday so I am taking full advantage of a day of college football on the couch. I probably should have gotten out and at least walked around a bit, but I just didn't feel like it. I think I am entitled to some down time after a full week.

Yesterday I did my last mid-week run since I had to push everything back a day due to a customer visit on Wednesday night. It was an easy 4 mile run and everything felt pretty good minus some tightness in the left Achilles once again. I went ahead and bought an ankle support sleeve for my run tomorrow. I figured I could use a little extra support to hopefully delay the pain until later on in my long run. I think after tomorrow I may take an extra day off next week since it's a stepback week and see if I can get it back to full strength. I also went and bought some more energy gels for tomorrow's run and am about to purchase a box online to get me through the rest of my training. Tomorrow's run will definitely be a challenge but the weather looks decent with mid-50s for the morning and not a ton of wind. I may join up with the LandRunner group, but I am undecided. I may stay up too late watching the Texas/Mizzou game tonight to let that happen.

Put another one in the win column for my Cowboys and we have now moved to 6-1 on the season and are eyeing the big Halloween showdown with Texas in Stillwater. I have heard that only 100 tickets remain and it looks like we will have our first sellout in the new Boone. 60,000 strong on Halloween night should make for an interesting evening. Its definitely going to be a long week building up for all the excitement. The best part is that we have a hotel room Friday and Saturday night so we can enjoy a great weekend in Stillwater. Plus, my long run next weekend is only 12 miles which will be nice after a long football weekend.

Hopefully I am writing tomorrow night with great news about a new mileage record. I am cautious though because I think the ankle may give me fits before it's all said and done. I hope not though. I have been icing and stretching all day today to help along the process. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 23rd - 4.0 miles in 38:15 (9:34 pace)

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