Thursday, October 22, 2009

Days 72-74 : Aches and Pains

Over the past 10 1/2 weeks, I have had pretty good luck with no real major aches or pains. The past week and a half has lead to quite a few bumps in the road. My knees ache. My hips are tight. My calf muscles are tight. My left achilles is sore. It seems that the mileage is finally starting to give me a few fits. I tried to lay off a few days last week, but I am guessing the weekend binge in Stillwater didn't really do me any good. So far it's not enough to keep me out of running, but I am definitely on alert when I run now and remind myself to be patient, watch for warning signs, and slow down or stop if necessary.

Today was my first walk break during one of my training runs. It was a cloudy, cool, and misty run after work today. I started about 6:15 which was a little later than I had planned, but I had to work late so it got pushed back a bit. Everything started out really well. I decided to use the patella tendon strap today on my right knee to see if it would help alleviate some of the initial pain. I was impressed with the effectiveness of it and will be adding it to my running garb until after the marathon and I can rehab it back to normal. I definitely am fighting a bit of tendonitis there. It's not painful to the touch so I am relieved it's not something bone related. The bad part of the run hit me about mile 4 today. Tuesday when I was running, I noticed that my left Achilles and ankle were becoming tight and sore. I recall sleeping on my left foot wrong in Stillwater this past weekend, but really didn't pay much attention to it other than the fact it hurt when I first got up that next morning. I guess I have a little lingering pain and tightness from this incident. It's amazing how fickle the body can be and the slightest little mishap can pile on pain when you start adding mileage. I had to pull up a couple of times due to the tenderness of the area. Cardio-wise I was very happy with my run. It felt easy and like I could have run much further. Physically, I obviously have some concerns. I am just hoping to band-aid my way through the next few weeks and not aggravate anything too much. Ice, stretching, and anti-inflammatory meds are becoming my best friends.

Tomorrow is another light day. I have 4 miles on the schedule and will run as much as the body will let me. I definiitely won't push much tomorrow since I have the 16 miler on Sunday. I figure my body will be screaming at me then.

Tuesday, Oct 20th - 4.0 miles in 38:20 (9:35 pace)

Thursday, Oct 22nd - 8.01 miles in 1:15:27 (9:25 pace)

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