Monday, October 19, 2009

Days 67-71 : Wow

What a weekend?!? It felt great to have a day off work and to top it off I was able to spend 3 days in Stillwater. Oh how I love that place!

It's crazy to think about how ready I was to leave when I graduated college. I was naive and thought that if you stuck around Stillwater you were not living life and would just get stuck in a rut. I wanted to move to a bigger city and live the "real" life. I miss the simplicity of Stillwater. It's a living, breathing place that changes more and more every time I visit. I am definitely jealous of the cousins who are still in school and really hope they enjoy ever day they get in college and take time to experience everything they wish. College is one of those places you can never return to in life and get a second chance. Live it up and have some fun. Be disciplined, but don't be scared to live a little while you are there. This is all advice I will give my brother when he leaves for his college of choice. Hopefully he shapes up and chooses OSU though!

The weekend was great. Homecoming at OSU is definitely an event. I know most homecomings in college are just a formality, but this is for real. House decorations, pep rallies, parades, street painting, and the walkaround where tens of thousands of people descend on Greek row to view all the hard work displayed for all to see. I wish I had some pictures of the house decs to show everyone, but I have become terrible at taking pictures. You will just have to take my word for now.I used to think that I have a great memory too, but time and time again I am reminded by things I can't recall when people are telling stories. I guess I should be a more active participant. Hmmmmmm.

Gameday on Saturday was all it was cracked up to be and more. We started the tailgate bright and early at 11:45 am which was plenty of time to eat terribly and drink too much considering kickoff wasn't until 8:15 pm. We watched several games on the tv and enjoyed the sunshine that we hadn't seen in nearly 2 weeks. It was a great day to be a Poke and I ran into several people I hadn't seen in a while. Homecoming always brings us back together and is something I hope continues to be true as we age. The game was great too. My Cowboys are finally looking like a legit contender for the Big 12 south title. I hope we can stay healthy and make a run at a conference title. Our schedule sets up well at home and we will have 3 big showdowns over the next few months against Texas, Texas Tech, and OU. Who can't get excited for OSU vs Texas on Halloween night?!? I hope we finally break the curse of the Longhorns and become the favorite to capture the crown.

Running took a backseat the last few days. I took an extra rest day on Thursday and waited until yesterday to run my long run. I ended up doing 10 miles out at Lake Hefner in 73 degree and windy conditions. It was a little warmer than I wanted and the wind was howling so I am unusually sore today. I have iced a couple of times already and can't seem to shake the stiffness. The stretching and ice has helped some, but I still feel the effects. I am guessing all the lovely choices I made nutrition-wise over the weekend helped as well, but who's counting? I plan to get back on track this week and hope the knees and hips hold out. I have a 32 mile week on taps if I can handle the extra mileage. My plan is to run slow and steady all week. I have a 4-miler tomorrow, 8 on Wednesday, and 4 again on Thursday. I top it all off with a 16 mile run on Saturday to extend the mileage total to another personal high. Wish me luck!

Off to bed for now. I need all the rest I can get this week. Have a great one!

Sunday, October 18th - 10.0 miles in 1:35:12 (9:31 pace)

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