Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Days 57-58 : Running from the Flu

Well, apparently everyone in my family is sick now. My brother came down with a fever on Sunday. My dad got sick today and my mom is just coming off of feeling bad. As you remember, I went home this weekend to spend time with the family. Uh Oh! I am staying hydrated, resting, and drinking lots of OJ in order to try offset any ill effects that may be coming my way. I loathe getting sick and I have been super anal about washing my hands and being conscious of my daily activities. My fingers are crossed that I stay healthy.

Yesterday was an amazing rest day for me. It was very cloudy and cool here in OK so I took advantage and had a great night of tv watching while eating a grilled cheese and tomato soup. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my Monday.

Today was a fairly routine day at the office and my soreness from the 1/2 marathon began to wear off. I got my happy butt to the gym after work and actually got in a really decent workout. I lifted a bit with the guys and then did a really nice slow run to get the week started. My body was really tight at first, but after a mile or so, I really loosened up and had a good run. I still have some tenderness in my left hip and right knee. It only lasts for a few minutes when I first start running and then it stops. I will watch it again tomorrow when I put in my 7 miles and see how it goes from there.

Nothing too exciting on the plate this week so it should be a great week of running barring any illnesses. I have a 15 miler scheduled for Saturday and then it is college football all day. One more weekend at home and then it's back to Stillwater for America's Greatest Homecoming Celebration. I can't wait! Off to do some stretching and then going to bed early.

Tuesday, Oct 6th : 3.0 miles in 29:30 (9:50 pace)

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