Sunday, September 27, 2009

Days 43-49 : Busy Week

It's been a full week since I have last posted. I can't believe it's been that long actually. I don't know where the time goes sometimes.

Nothing too exciting to report actually. I put a lot of time in at the office this week and got my runs in when I had the time. The weather this week was absolutely phenomenal. It's amazing how much easier it feels to run when its 60s and no wind, compared to 80s-90s and humid with strong south winds. I ran most of my runs fairly fast this week, comparatively, but they didn't feel hard. I think I am well on track and am keeping my fingers crossed that I stay healthy over the next 11 weeks.

The only thing I did other than run and work was a brief trip to Okarche for some Eischen's chicken on Thursday night and then another trip to Stillwater yesterday for some Cowboy football. I pretty much negated all the good eating I did all week with both of those trips, but it was enjoyable and something I can take a break from for a couple of weeks. I am definitely ready for a week off. The BYE week for OSU comes at a great time for the team and the fans. You could definitely tell the 4 straight weekends of home games was taking its toll on the home crowd. The attendance was great last night, but no one was really in the game due to the opponent and lack of interest. Hooray for a week to watch some football on the tube and replenish the bank account for Homecoming weekend! 2 weeks and counting!

Yesterday morning I also got up and ran with the LandRunners group. We started at 6:30 am at Stars and Stripes Park. The turnout was impressive once again. We laced up and headed through Nichols Hills and followed the OKC marathon course for 5 miles where we branched off on NW 50th and headed to Shartel. We turned south on Shartel and made our way towards Crown Heights. I was only running 12 yesterday so I turned around at NW 38th street and made my way back to Lake Hefner. The rest of the group ran 18 miles and ran downtown to the OKC Memorial, looped it, and headed back on the same course. It would have been a great run, but since I am several weeks behind the training group on my schedule, I will have to remember that run for my 18-miler in a few weeks. Another great run, and I am quickly approaching my all-time record distance for running. To this day, my longest run is a half marathon. Next weekend, I will be running the Spirit of Survival Half Marathon to equal my longest distance ever ran. Then, in week 10 of my training program, I will bypass all of my previous bests and steadily climb the hill to 20 miles on Nov 22nd. I can't wait to set these new personal records. It definitely provides the needed motivation to keep moving forward. Week 7 is in the books. I hope week 8 holds the same promise as the last. 11 weeks to go!

Tuesday, Sept 22 - 3.01 miles in 27:30 (8:59 pace)

Wednesday, Sept 23 - 6.01 miles in 55:01 (9:09 pace)

Thursday, Sept 24 - 3.02 miles in 27:37 (9:09 pace)

Saturday, Sept 26 - 12.01 miles in 1:50:10 (9:10 pace)

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