Sunday, September 20, 2009

Days 40-42 : I love Fall

Our weather here in Oklahoma has been very runner friendly the past few weeks. It's been cloudy. It's been cooler. It hasn't been windy! But, best of all, fall is officially here in two days!

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of the year. I love being able to go outside and not sweat profusely. I love wearing shorts with a light jacket in the evenings to stay comfortable. The cool, crisp air makes for great running weather too. Oh how I long for those cool, fall evenings where I can run to my heart's content. I love football in on a cool, fall night as well. I hope we are treated to some great fall weather for homecoming and the Halloween extravaganza versus Texas.

This weekend was another great weekend in Stillwater. Three home games in a row and another one on tap for next weekend. The bye week on Oct 3-4th will be a welcome break, but I won't ever complain about going to an OSU football game. I started off my weekend the right way with a nice, early run on Saturday morning. Week 6 was a step back week so my mileage was fairly easy. It was also my second week in a row of a wet and cool weekend run. I have to admit that I really like the rainy runs. They are quite refreshing. I started my run at the Nichols Hills Plaza about 8:45 am and was starting my run about the same time that the LandRunners were finishing up their run at the same location. I need to be more motivated and join their group runs when I am home for the weekend. It's nice to have some company and it's a great way to meet people. I think I will drag myself out of bed next weekend and join them.

Running through Nichols Hills was really nice for a change of pace. I took a couple of side roads and saw a lot of nice houses that are kind of off the beaten path. I also made mental note of all the houses that were up for sale. I was shocked by the number of homes available, but you have to be in a special income group to be able to afford those houses, so demand is probably pretty limited. It was also void of heavy traffic which was nice for a run off the usual trails system. I did run into a couple of other crazy runners as I made my way through the rain. It's nice to see another smiling face when you are out training because it's a pretty good chance they are training for their next personal achievement as well. We all share that common bond of wanting to push ourselves to the limit. If I pass you out on the road at some point in the future, know that you provide a shot of motivation that pushes me through that next mile.

After my run, I went home and dried off and packed my bags for Stillwater. Tailgating was the next thing on the agenda and we managed to show up about 2 PM to have some food and beer before the game. The weather was the polar opposite of what we had in OKC when I left. It was mid-80s, humid, and sunny in Stillwater. It was definitely a mistake to wear jeans, but we found shade when we could and tried to stay "hydrated". The game was a little ho-hum, but I enjoy evening games because it's usually a better crowd and it's easier to watch under the lights. A win is a win, but that's about all you can say about this weekend's game. One more easy game next weekend, and then we start the conference gauntlet. It could be a very interesting season in Stillwater this year. Our boys definitely don't disappoint in the entertainment category. It's always exciting and stressful to be a Cowboy football fan.

Post-game was pretty low-key by our standards. We checked into our room at the Atherton and made our way to the strip for a few drinks and food. We called it a night pretty early, which was a-ok by me and we surrendered to the big, comfy confines of our Atherton bed. It was a great night of sleep and I am now sold on the fact that I need to get a big down comforter and a memory foam mattress cover. I will be purchasing those very soon!

Another lazy Sunday is in the books now. I didn't get myself out to cross-train today as anticipated, but I did clean up around the casa and got all of my laundry done. I will do some stationary bike tomorrow at the gym and then start the running regimen again on Tuesday. Week 7 here we come!

Saturday, September 19th - 7.02 miles in 1:06:12 (9:25 pace)

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