Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Days 36-37 : Go Jordan!

Quick update because it's late and I need to get in bed before my early morning run tomorrow. I just finished watching the Big Brother finale and was really excited to see Jordan pull it out. She's that country girl you just fall in love with and she won when she needed it most. Nothing else really going on these past two days. Tomorrow I go off to Tulsa for a natural gas organization sports tournament. Basically it's just an excuse to hang out with some other people in the industry, drink, and play a round of golf or go bowling. It's a nice change of pace and we get to stay at the new Hard Rock hotel in Tulsa. Due to the schedule, I am going to get up and run a quick 3 miles in the morning and then put in 5 miles Thursday at the hotel gym. I am trying to stay on schedule this week and keep myself in line with my weekly mileage totals. My knee is a little bum today so need to watch that and make sure it doesn't get worse. I think it's a case of runner's knee, but we shall see if it gets worse. I bought a patella compression strap and will give it shot and see if it helps. Nothing too serious, just something to watch. Off to bed! Updates soon.

Tuesday, September 15th - 3.0 miles in 28:18 (9:26 pace)

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