Thursday, September 10, 2009

Days 30-32 : Allergies Suck

Sorry, it's been a busy past couple of days. I have been fighting the allergy bug and haven't been home much in the evenings.

Allergies are my worst enemy. I used to take allergy shots as a kid to help alleviate some of the symptoms, but I stopped in junior high and started taking prescription meds. Since everything has become OTC, I pop a pill daily to help out. The allergens in OK this time of year are the devil. I have been stopped up and miserable for about 3 days now. I finally think I may be catching a break, but it's supposed to rain the next couple of days so I am sure the pollen will be flying like crazy next week when everything starts growing again. Oh well, do what you can and move on.

I have also been busy with evening plans lately. I had a customer dinner and then did my 5 mile run today after work which always shortens the evenings. I tried the early morning run yesterday due to the scheduling conflict in the evening and I am definitely not a fan. I can't do the 5 AM runs, just to get in 3 miles. I don't stretch well. I don't have enough time to ice. I just feel rushed and I don't enjoy the run. I am going to have to juggle the schedule better when there are work conflicts. Same thing next week. I will be out of town on Wednesday and Thursday so I will need to sneak in a couple of runs on the road or move them around to fit the schedule. It's getting busy in these parts!

Everything else is going really well. Being off Monday kind of threw the whole week off, but I will never complain about a day away from the office. Sugarland, Billy Currington, and Matt Nathanson will be in concert at the OKC Zoo tomorrow night so I am pretty pumped. I really want to see all 3, but Sugarland is obviously the main draw again. I have so much fun at their shows and I can't wait to see an outdoor show. The weather is supposed to be kinda dicey so I hope it holds off until after the show. I wouldn't mind a little rain, but please no torrential downpours!

Two runs the past 2 days. I ran a 3 miler yesterday morning and a 5 miler today after work. I need to get in a 3 miler tomorrow, but with the concert after work I think I will take a break and skip this one. Football game is Saturday afternoon in Stillwater so I will be doing my long run on Sunday. I may run with the LandRunners again. They are running 16 miles out at Lake Overholser. I only need to run 10, so I will peel off from the group a little early, but it's nice to have company. The only drawback is the early start. 6:30 comes really early on a Sunday morning! I am looking forward to another long run though. They are definitely my favorites.

Hope you guys have a good Friday. I will update Saturday night or Sunday.

Wednesday, Sept 9th - 3.11 miles in 29:39 (9:32 pace)

Thursday, Sept 10th - 5.01 miles in 45:59 (9:10 pace)

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