Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Fun

This weekend had been highlighted on my calendar for a few weeks now and it was nothing short of amazing.

Friday night was the trek to Tulsa for Sugarland and Keith Urban. I have really grown to love Sugarland and find them very enjoyable to listen to and watch on stage. They have an energy about them that is unique and quirky. Jennifer Nettles is a pure singer. Her voice is one that you can recognize anytime you hear it. Kristian Bush provides just the right amount of background vocals and really brings a smile to your face with his demeanor on stage. They just look like they have a lot of fun and enjoy doing it together. Keith is a must-see in my opinion. This was my 2nd time to watch him in concert and he left me wanting more again. He has a way of lighting up the entire arena and bringing everyone to their feet. At one point in the show, I was convinced that everyone in the arena was dancing. It's just that much fun. He also has a ton of great songs so that helps getting people involved. Overall, a very enjoyable evening. Our tickets ended up being great and the music was even better. Two thumbs up!

Saturday was recovery day after a late-night drive back from Tulsa. I slept in a bit. I went and got a mammoth breakfast burrito from Big Truck Tacos. Of course, I also grabbed some Starbucks and settled in for a few hours of tv time. After my overwhelmingly big breakfast, I figured it was time to get outside and do something. Doug, Curt, and I ended up going to the Chesapeake Boathouse and went kayaking for a couple of hours on the Oklahoma River. It was rather hot outside, but it felt good to get in some exercise and enjoy the company of friends on a Saturday afternoon. It's also nice to dream about the future of OKC while on the river. With the recent designation of an Olympic training site, I think the sky is the limit. There are already more boathouses going up along the river, and the whitewater portion is supposedly in the planning phase. It will be a great outdoor oasis for the inner-OKC population for many years to come. I can't wait to see the progress unfold. Saturday ended with a dinner at Louie's on the Lake and an early evening for me so I could be rested and ready for Sunday, Runday. I will post more about my marathon training and my Sunday run later. For now, it's off to watch Big Brother. Talk to you again soon.

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