Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The heat returns

Well, we all know it was too good to be true here in OKC. The 80s and 90s have finally surrendered to the 100s once again. It's such a drag! Who needs 100 degree heat anyway?!? If you like it, you are sick and twisted. Just saying. One positive note is that I haven't had to run in it just yet. I am still confined to the A/C and running on a treadmill for 2 more weeks. After that, Lake Hefner here I come. I also plan on joining up with the LandRunners group for their Saturday morning runs when I am in town. With football season only a few weeks away, my Saturdays in OKC will be limited so Stillwater will get to see my bright, shiny running face.

In other news, I went and bought the new Sugarland CD/DVD set today. I was a little irked it was only carried at Wal-Mart, but apparently country music listeners love Wal-Mart. Imagine that! I will have to say I am very, very partial to Target. Ok, not even partial. I love Target and everything about it. I avoid Wal-Mart like the plague. My first, quick listen was nothing short of expectations. I can tell I will really enjoy the CD with the covers they play at their concerts and the DVD will be a great addition to my collection of Dixie Chicks concerts. Perfect late evening listening when I am typing away on the computer.

No running the past 2 days. I figured I would give myself a little break and move my running days to Wed/Thurs and Sunday. I plan on utilizing this scheme during actual marathon training too. I did do 30 minutes on the elliptical and lifted weights to get some cross-training in for today's scheduled 2 miles of running. I am still trying to substitute cross-training for 20% of my scheduled running to help ease the pounding on the tender hips. My hips are feeling much better and my doubts and fears are easing about getting injured again soon. I know I still have a lot of miles left before the marathon, but I am confident again.

On a side note, go check out my friend's new website. It is If you are an avid shopper or just like to find cool places to go shopping, go sign up for a profile and locate some trendy shoppes and boutiques in your area. If you don't see your favorite store on the site, shoot her an e-mail or give her a call and suggest some shoppes in your area. She would be thrilled to take your suggestions and get to work!
Happy Tuesday everyone. I will blog again soon and lay out the marathon plan!

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