Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 8 - Week 2 Begins

Today was another manic Monday. It's the start of crazy time in gas marketing world and it won't let up until the middle of next week. Today was also my first dining experience at Deep Fork which was interesting. Overall, I was pretty pleased with the food and I really liked the setup of the restaurant. I would like to go back sometime when I have more of a chance to skim the menu and make a more educated decision. That's one thing I hate about business lunches. You have to chit-chat and pay attention when you sit down and you never get a chance to look at the menu. It should be a rule of thumb at business lunches to have at least 5 minutes to look at the minute in complete silence ;-)

No running today. I did go to the gym and got a little lifting in and did a very easy 10 minutes on the stationary bike just to loosen things up a bit. My business dinner got canceled for tomorrow night so that means I get to run! The first week was a great success. I hope the 2nd week follows suit!

In other news, the Garmin 310XT is delayed again. Now the ship date is August 24th, hopefully. I know it is selfish and I do feel like a big a-hole, but I am still ready to get it and try it out. Plus, I will get to put a big nice review on it when I actually get to test it out. Hopefully someone out there is looking for a review and stumbles on to the site.For all of those that don't know, the reason for the shipping delay is the typhoon that hit Taiwan a week or so ago. Evidently Road Runner Sports sold out of their initial shipment and they are still waiting on the 2nd shipment.

Off to check the weather and watch a little baseball. Oh yeah! I almost forgot! My OSU season tickets came by UPS today. Woo hoo! Tickets are in hand and there are only 18 days until kickoff. Go Pokes!

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