Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 5 and 6 - Family Time

No running over the past 2 days. Friday is my scheduled rest day every week. It's nice to be able to go to happy hour, hit the road for a weekend trip, or just do something besides the normal routine on Friday. This week I went and saw Mary at Salon W and got a razor cut to look fresh for all of our customers coming into town next week. I then made a trek to Bricktown with Doug and Curt and grabbed some dinner and went to see District 9. I really liked it. It had a lot of references to struggles in our own society such as racism, apartheid, immigration concerns, etc. It makes you see both sides of the struggle and provides an interesting backdrop for an alien sci-fi flick. I would recommend seeing this if you like movies that touch on sensitive subjects and don't mind a little gore. I was thoroughly entertained.

Today was my nephew's birthday party in Chickasha. I drove down mid-afternoon and spent the rest of the day with my family. It was nice to catch up with everyone again. I started thinking back and I hadn't been around my family since July 4th. That's too long for sure. My nephew turns 4 next Tuesday, which is absolutely crazy to me. I can't believe he is that old. He is in school now and just growing like a weed. I had to think long and hard today about my younger brother as well. He is a junior! Holy hell. Two years and he will be in college. What gives there?! That means I am getting old. I can't believe I am going to have to be sending money to my brother for college in 2 years. I better start saving! Although, I don't think I will have to give as much as I had originally thought. I told him I would help out tremendously if he went to OSU and followed in his brother's footsteps. Sounds like he might be going to OBU to follow his call to the ministry. Mom and Dad are going to have one heck of a tuition bill. Ouch!

Tomorrow is run day. Going to get in 6 easy miles and call the 1st week a success. I did 45 minutes of cross-training on the stationary bike today at Midtown Y. All in all, a very successful start to the weekend. Updates tomorrow. Goodnight everyone.

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