Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 4 - Sad News for Softball

Day 4 began with some very sad news for all the women who have ever played softball, the current players, and all those little girls who worship the ground the USA softball team walks on. The IOC voted to exclude softball from the 2016 Olympics, in favor of putting golf and rugby on the slate. I understand golf is a popular sport and rugby is big internationally, but neither one of them will consider the Olympics as the ultimate goal. For softball players all over the world, the Olympics is THE sporting event they all aspire to compete in when they first put on their cleats as a young girl. It is the mecca of their sport. In my mind, that is what the Olympics should be shooting for when they pick sports. It shouldn't be about money. It shouldn't be about a popularity contest. It should be about promoting clean, i.e. drug free, sports where the best of the best come to play and compete for their country for the ultimate prize in their sport. It hits home to me because my niece may never have that dream again. She will be 17 when the 2016 Olympics come around and there is no guarantee the sport will ever be included in the Olympic programme again. Her dream of being like Jennie Finch, Cat Osterman, Monica Abbott, Lisa Fernandez, Michelle Smith, or any other pitcher that has worn the USA jersey has been taken away. It's hard enough for female athletes to get a fair shake in a testosterone driven industry. They may never have the fame and fortune of their male counterparts. They may never get that opportunity to play on the grand stage. Now a generation of softball players will be robbed of that dream. It's definitely a sad day for the sport. Hopefully the IOC wakes up before 2020.

Day 4 - Thursday, august 13th - 3.0 miles in 29:00 (9:40 pace)

All is well in the running world. Just a few minor kinks from the first full week of running. I am pretty pleased with the progress. Six miles and cross-training this weekend.

Have a great Thursday night.

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