Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 18 - Easy Day

Well, right at this moment I am trying to share my workout from last night on Blogger, but it appears that myGarmin is experiencing problems so we shall wait another day. If by some miracle it works before I hit publish on here, I will post it tonight.

Nothing really special today. Work was pretty tame which is always welcome. I was highly unmotivated to run today, but I forced myself to the gym anyway. Once I got there, I "stretched" for about 20 minutes, which is another way of saying I laid around on the floor for 20 minutes and listened to music. After summoning the power to get up again, I went and joined my gym rat partners for a few weights and then slugged over to the treadmill for the obligatory 3 miles today. Once again, that first mile was an absolute killer. I always second-guess my ability to run a marathon when I start a run. I sure am glad the ends of the run are so satisfying or I would be eating potato chips and watching football all fall instead of training. After a mile into the run, I felt really good and I used the leisurely pace to just do a little recovery run and loosen up the joints. I opted to run instead of cross-training for the 3rd workout this week since everything has gone well the past 2 days. I figured I would give the full running schedule a shot this week. So far, it's been fairly successful.

Nothing major planned this weekend. It's my last free weekend until after the marathon so I guess I better enjoy it. It seems odd to think that for the next 15 weekends I have something planned. I am going to be one worn out guy, but I have a few vacation days to burn so I may take one now and then to get some R and R. Only thing on the agenda at the moment is a 7 mile run at some point this weekend and maybe a birthday shindig for my grandmother. Off to bed for now. Great news! The Garmin workout is loaded. Click on the link in the post above and check it out!

Thursday, August 27th - 3.0 miles in 30 minutes (10:00 pace) Easy recovery run today!

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