Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 17 - Wednesday Training Run

Hump Day! It's always nice to hit that halfway point in the week where you know the weekend is just around the corner. Today was a fast day at work as we are wrapping up our end of the month business. I also went and picked up my last shipment from UPS. I got my new foam roller, a duffel bag for races, a new pair of shorts, and a back-up pair of Brooks Adrenaline ASR shoes for training/racing. I should be good to go now!

Today was my first test run of the Garmin. I have to admit, I love it! It's like a brand new bike when you are a kid or that first BB gun where you run out and shot it immediately. After picking up my package from UPS, I came home and geared up for my run. Heart rate monitor was wrapped around my abdomen, SPI Belt was used to hold my house key and my cell phone, and my Garmin was strapped to my wrist. The Garmin found the satellites in no time at all (less than 5 seconds) and off we went.

This was my first run through the neighborhood where I live and it was quite nice. A storm was brewing to the west of OKC so it blocked out the blazing sun and kept the temps somewhat manageable. I think it was probably 90ish with no wind which isn't too awful. During my run, I did notice running slow is difficult when I am not on the treadmill. I have a tendency to run faster than I want/should for my training runs. Running outside will teach me discipline and I will have to learn how to not overdo it over the next few weeks. All in all, it was a great first workout with the new toy. I will download the data to Blogger tomorrow evening and let you all see how it looks. I will also write a more detailed review of the Garmin when I get a few more workouts in the books.

Wednesday, August 26th - 3.09 miles in 28:13 (9:07 pace)

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