Sunday, August 2, 2009

August, here we come!

Another busy end to the month, as is always the case in the natural gas trading business. I am always relieved to get to the 1st of the next month and realize that I have everything done that needs to be done.

The end of the week was highlighted by two OSU caravans here in OKC. The first one was at Chesapeake and was put on by the OSU Posse. The Posse is the athletic donor program at OSU and I am an active member. We were treated to lunch, OSU fight songs, videos of last year's successes, and a guest speaker from the OSU football program. It was a nice start to a very festive OSU day for me. That evening I went downton to the Cox Convention Center and attended the big OSU caravan with Coach Gundy and hundred of other fans and supporters. Gundy talked about the upcoming season and challenged all the fans in attendance to make Boone Pickens Stadium a place that every team will remember. I plan to do my part! I am definitely excited for kickoff against Georgia on Sept 5th. Only one month away!

Saturday was recovery day for me. I had way too good of a time Friday night at the caravan and then at Tapwerks with Megan and Brandon. My fellow OSU travel partners are definitely a nice addition to my life. I have found a pair of people who not only care about me, but share a lot of the same interests. We have already planned several trips together for the upcoming season and I have no doubts we will have many fond memories of the year ahead. Go Pokes!

Today was run day! I love my Sunday runs. It is the perfect end to a week for me. It's a time to reflect. A time to push myself. A time to relieve some stress. It's what I look forward to each weekend. I hope my love for running continues to build. I have big plans for myself in the future. If I can stay healthy, I know I have the mental toughness and dedication to push myself to my limits. Today was my longest run since the injury. 5 miles in the books and the best part was I was smiling and singing the entire way. I was in a great mood today. I am sure the people at the gym thought I was crazy. I know my pace is nothing to brag about, but just being able to run 5 miles and be healthy at the end of the run is good enough for me!

Only one more week and marathon training officially begins. I can't believe it's already time to start the journey. In all actuality, I have been running a training schedule for the whole month of July, but it's been more of a base-building/injury rehab program. I will outline my training program sometime this week and I plan on sending out a link to friends and relatives to be able to follow along if they choose.

Here are the Thursday and Sunday run reports for the week:

Thursday, July 30th : 3.56 miles : 40 minutes : 11:14 pace

Warm-up of 10 minutes. Ran 1/2 mile at 10 min/mi pace. Ran 1.0 miles at 9:31 min/mi pace. Ran 1.0 miles at 10 min/mi pace. (2.5 miles overall). Cooldown of 5 minutes.

Sunday, August 2nd : 6.31 miles : 1:10:00 (70 minutes) : 11:06 pace

Warm-up of 10 minutes. Ran 5 miles at 10 min/mi pace. Cool down of 10 minutes.

Total Actual Running Mileage for July : 29.5 miles

Making strides, little by little. August should be a great month!

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