Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sundays are Fundays

I really like Sundays. They are kinda my speed. I wake up, get some coffee, catch up on news, go for a run, do some miscellaneous activity, and then go home and do laundry and wind down for a good night's sleep.

Today was another run day for me and it went really well. I did the usual 10-minute warm-up and then I increased my run to 2.5 miles today. This is my longest run since May so it was a very good step in the right direction. The hip felt pretty good with only some minor discomfort and the run was fairly easy. It is good to know I haven't lost all my fitness base yet. Although 2.5 miles isn't anything to hang your hat on, it is a mini-accomplishment on the road to recovery. And what did I do to celebrate?? Um, go drink of course. Ha, I am not sure that is the best recipe for success, but the offer was made to go grab a few beers so I accepted. Next week, I will bump my "long" run up to 3 miles and see how it goes.

A good week ahead I think. I have the birthday extravaganzas this weekend to look forward to on Fri/Sat. I also get to make my first trip to Karsten Creek, the OSU golf course, on Tuesday. I have always wanted to see the course and this is my chance. I don't think I will even attempt to play golf, since I am utterly terrible. Who knows? Maybe I will give it a shot. That would require me finding clubs before Tuesday though. Highly unlikely.

Off to watch Big Brother and then to read a bit. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

July 12th - 3.87 miles - 45 minutes - 11:38 pace
Warm-up of 10 minutes, Run of 2.5 miles at 10 min/mile pace, Cooldown of 10 minutes

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