Thursday, July 9, 2009

Seriously, we need to do something about this heat!

I know how great the heat is for business, but seriously. I don't know how much longer I can take 100+ degrees all the way out on the 10-day forecast. It makes me sweat just thinking about it. Believe me, I don't need any extra help sweating. I had to let my iPod dry out after the half marathon and then scrape the salt off so it would work. Yeah, I am a pretty sweaty guy. I guess that's what you get when you live in Oklahoma though. Heat and wind.

I had my next doctor visit today. It was a pretty brief appointment. I just talked with him about what I had been doing and he checked me again for range of motion, flexibility, and gave me some more pointers on things I could do to continue to make strides. It is kind of nice to go in and get some encouragement and guidance. It's also nice to hear someone tell me not to be stupid. I can't even remember how many times he told me not to be stupid. It's a great reminder! He also said that it sounds like I am being very disciplined and doing all the right things. I sure hope so. He just reiterated, "Don't be stupid!". I go back in 6 weeks and then should be given the all clear for my marathon training. Until then, he recommended I continue the 1.5 to 2 mile runs every other day, cross-training between runs, and then a long run on Sat/Sun with increasing mileage. I will run 2.5 miles this weekend and keep increasing up to 5 miles before my next visit. He said after 5 miles I could return to the outdoor trails and leave the treadmill behind. That will be a great moment. There is only so much Fox News one can watch while running. I mean, at least let me watch CNN or something. It always ends up that the treadmill in front of Fox News is the only one open. You can definitely tell I live in one of the more liberal areas of OKC. Another reason I won't leave the inner-city of OKC when I buy a house, as if I needed another one.

After the doctor, I dropped some things off at the apartment and then went to get another run in for the week. It was a pretty decent run and I was home from the gym by 5:15. I could get used to this getting home early thing. I can't remember the last time I saw my house on a weeknight before 7 PM. The run went pretty well. I had some more minor discomfort at full extension, but it's definitely better all the way around. All in all, another really good day. Tomorrow will be an off day and then some swimming on Saturday before my 2.5 miler on Sunday. No big plans this weekend besides a swim party Saturday night which should be great. Beer, swimming, and good friends. Sounds like a winner!

July 9th : 3.16 miles : 36 minutes (11:24 pace) Walked 10 minutes, ran 2 miles (10 min pace), and finished with 6 minutes of cooldown.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I am ordering a Garmin sometime in the next few weeks. Should I go with the Forerunner 405cx or with the new cross-training watch that comes out July 20th, the Garmin 310xt? Or does someone have another suggestion such as a Polar watch? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Have a good evening. TGIF tomorrow!

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